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Horribly Hard Quiz

Definitions 1-54

ingenuous Lacking in cunning, guile, or worldliness; artless
excess To much of,a lot, over amount
puerile Childish suited for children and not mature
tardiness very late and never on time
otiose lazy, uninterested in being active
garb a new trend in clothing baggie and with stripped
Fey mystical and lucky
awry strayed from course gone wrong
uttering says something under their breath very quietly
putrid something dark putrid and repulsive
waggish to be humerus in a high spirited fashion
lame not cool someone who is not popular or something that is not cool or popular, out of the ordinary
vapid tasteless,flavorless, flat, lifeless, boring, lacking fun
sagacious someone who is really wise and has a lot of sense
clamor a lot of noise loud and very busy
erudite knowing a lot in one subject
regale to entertain agreeably
aspiration sweat and determination to do something
eloquent to be loud and not shy, very good quality work and always try very hard
articulate advanced and use higher level vocabulary
deter to stop and prevent and talk sense into someone to get them to not to something
affront a diliberite insult to harm someone, to offend pride or dignity of someone else that thinks they are cool
glower to look or stare with sullen dislike
insipid annoying and very disruptive
deftly nimble,skillful,clever, able to work with hands
ensue to follow in order, come afterword come in immediate succession
amicable friendly, showing goodwill
odious causing hatred
concur work together, combine
fervor great warmth and heat
query not so sure very timid
chartreuse a liquor of a color yellow and green
abode place where you live, house
snipe to single someone out
ineptitude quality or condition of being inept
intrepid ruthless, fearless and dauntless
paucity smallness of quantity
trek to travel or migrate
mutely silent, not talking
jocose given to or chaecterized by joking
puerile of or pertaining to child of childhood
dejection depression, or lowness of spirits
incessant continuing without interruption
predict to declare or tell in advance
eerie to inspire superstitious fear
virtuous conforming to ethical behaviors
coiffed a style of arranging or combing hair
ebony a deep black
crony a close friend or companion
dapper neat trim and smart
malevolent wishing evil or harm to others
coerce to compel by force, intimidation
shenanigans mischief, prankish
Created by: jake.herman