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Stage 12

tremores tremors
cum Iulio with Julius
tremuit shook
sensi felt
agebas were doing
epistulas letters
dictabam was dictating
nubem cloud
familiam household
lararium domestic shrine
laribus household gods
sacrificium sacrifice
iampridem a long time ago
fundum farm
vilico farm manager
sonos noises
filiae daughters
parentes parents
perveni reached
pretiosae precious
iste mons that terrible mountain
scio know
nihil curo i dont care
pavor panic
cinis ash
iam now
densior thicker
incidebat was falling
flammae flames
iter journey
difficile difficult
valeo feel well
exanimatus unconscious
templum temple
proximum nearest
libertatem freedom
respiravit recovered consciousness
tuti safe
dea goddess
Isis Isis(Great Mother goddess of Egypt)
sine dubio without a doubt
finis end
atra black
descendebat was coming down
plurimi most
peribant were dying
obstinate stubbornly
ruinas ruins
fumum smoke
moribundus almost dead
semirutus half-collapsed
sensim slowly
accidit happened
paries wall
iubeo order
perierunt have died
moriturus going to die
recusavit refused
exspiravit died
triste sadly
valedixit said good-bye
custodit guards
densus thick
fortiter bravely
frustra in vain
fugit runs away
fundus farm
igitur therefore
incidit falls
mirabilis marvelous
mittit sends
mons mountain
nubes cloud
optime very well
paene nearly
tandem at last
terra ground
timet is afraid
superfuit has survived
Created by: hardcandy312