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OIT/OHSU Defination

OIT/OHSU All words defination first

abdomen abdomin/o
abdomen lapar/o
above super
above or excessive hyper
above/ upon epi
acetabulum acetabul/o
across trans
adenoids adenoid/o
after/ behind post
against anti
against contra
air aer/o
air pneum/o
all pan
alveolus alveol/o
amnion/ sac for embryo amni/o
aneurysm aneurysm/o
ankle/ instep bone tars/o
anus an/o
aorta aort/o
aponeurosis aponeur/o
appendix appendic/o
arm brachi/o
armpit axill/o
around circum
arteriole arteriol/o
artery arteri/o
atrium atri/o
attraction for -philia
away from ab
back dors/o
back poster/o
back re
bacteria bacteri/o
bad mal
bad or painful dys
Bartholins glands bartholin/o
base bas/o
bear par/o
before pre
before pro
before/ forward ante
begining gen/o
beginning -arche
behind retro
belly celi/o
below infra
below sub
below or deficient hypo
berry shaped -coccus
between inter
beyond/ change meta
beyond/ excess ultra
big macro
bile chol/e
bilirubin bilirubin/o
birth nat/i
birth/ labor -partum
black melan/o
blockage -emphraxis
blood hemato/o
blood hem/o
blood sanguin/o
blood condition -emia
blue cyan/o
bone oste/o
bone marrow myel/o
both ambi
brain encephal/o
breast mamm/o
breast mast/o
breathe pne/o
breathing -pnea
bronchiole bronchiol/o
bronchus bronch/o
burn caus/o
bursa burs/o
bursting forth of blood -orrhagia
calcium calci/o
calyx cali/o
cancer carcin/o
carbon dioxide -capnia
cartilage chondr/o
cecum cec/o
cell cyt/o
cell -cyte
cell cellul/o
cerebellum cerebell/o
cerebrum cerebr/o
cerumin cerumin/o
cervix cervic/o
cheek bucc/o
chest thorac/o
chest steth/o
chest pector/o
chloride chlor/o
chorion chori/o
ciliary/body of eye cycl/o
clavicle clavicul/o
clot thromb/o
clumping Agglutin/o
coal dust anthrac/o
coccyx coccyg/o
cold cry/o
colon col/o
color chrom/o
common bile duct choledoch/o
complete/ through dia
condition -osis
condition -iasis
condition of cells -cytosis
condition of producing -genesis
condyle condyl/o
conjunctiva conjunctiv/o
constriction -stalsis
coordination/ order tax/o
cornea/horny/hard kerat/o
cornea corne/o
cortex cortic/o
crooked/ bent scoli/o
cul-de-sac culd/o
curve/ swayback lord/o
death mort/o
death necro/o
development -trophy
development plas/o
diaphram phren/o
different heter/o
digestion peps/ia
discharge -orrhea
disease path/o
double dipl/o
down cata
drooping/ prolapse -ptosis
dry xer/o
dull/dim ambly/o
duodenum duoden/o
dura mater dur/o
ear aur/i
ear aur/o
ear ot/o
eardrum myring/o
eardrum tympan/o
egg ov/o
egg/ ovum oo/o
elbow olecran/o
electricty electr/o
embryonic -blast
enlargement -megaly
enzyme -ase
epididymis epididym/o
epiglottis epiglott/o
equal is/o
esophagus esophang/o
excessive sensitivity algesi/o
extremity acr/o
eye ocul/o
eye opthalm/o
eyelid blephar/o
fat adip/o
False pseudo
fallopian tube salping/o
far dist/o
fascia fasci/o
fast tachy
fat lip/o
fat steat/o
fear of -phobia
feeling esthesi/o
femur femur/o
fibrin fibrin/o
fibers fibr/o
fibula perone/o
fingers/ toes dactyl/o
fingers/ toes phalang/o
first prot/o
fixation pex/o
flushed/redness erythem/o
foot pod/o
foot bones metatars/o
forking/ branching furc/o
formation -poiesis
formation/ development -plasia
from/ lack of de
front anter/o
fibula fibul/o
fungus myc/o
gall bladder cholescyst/o
ganglion gangli/o
glans penis balan/o
glassy vitre/o
globe/ round spher/o
glomerulus glomerul/o
glue gli/o
good eu
granules granul/o
gray glauc/o
green chlor/o
groin inguin/o
growth/ development -plasm
gums gingiv/o
hair trich/o
half hemi
half semi
hand bones metacarp/o
hand/ foot chiro/o
hardening -sclerosis
head cephal/o
hearing acou/o
hearing audi/o
hearing -cusis
heart cardi/o
heart coron/o
heel calcane/o
hernia -cele
hernia herni/o
hidden crypt/o
humerus humer/o
humpback kyph/o
ileum ile/o
ilium ili/o
in em
in addition extra
in/ not in
inflammation -itis
inside endo
Instrument to cut -tome
instrument to record -graph
instrument to visually examine -scope
intestines enter/o
iris ir/o
iris irid/o
iron sider/o
ischium ischi/o
jejunum jejun/o
joint arthr/o
joint articul/o
kidney nephr/o
kidney ren/o
kneecap patell/o
knowledge gnos/o
labor -tocia
lack of strength -asthenia
lacrimal gland dacryocyst/o
lamina lamin/o
larynx laryng/o
life bi/o
ligament ligament/o
ligament syndesm/o
light phot/o
lip cheil/o
lip labi/o
little -ule
little -ole
liver hepat/o
lobe lob/o
love/ attraction phil/o
lower back lumb/o
lower jaw bone mandibul/o
lower jaw bone submaxill/o
lung pneumon/o
lung pulmon/o
lymph lymph/o
madness/ abnormal preoccupation -mania
magnesium magnesi/o
male andr/o
many mult/i
many poly
mass/ tumor onc/o
meal -prandial
meals cib/o
medulla medull/o
meninges/ membrane mening/o
menses men/o
middle medi/o
middle mesa
milk lact/o
mind ment\o
mind phren\o
mind psych/o
misplaced ectop/o
mouth or/o
mouth stomat/o
movement kinesi/o
mucus muc/o
mucus myx/o
muscle my/o
nail onych/o
nail ungu/o
nature physi/o
navel omphal/o
near para
neck cervic/o
nerve neuro/o
network retucul/o
network plex/o
neutral neutr/o
new ne/o
night noct/o
no/ not/ without a
no/ not/ without an
none null/i
nose nas/o
nose rhin/o
nucleus kary/o
old age preysby/o
on both sides ampi
one who -er
one who -or
one who specializes in -ist
opening -tresia
outside ecto
outside/ outer exo
ovary oophoro/o
ovary ovari/o
oxygen ox/i (y)
oxygen ox/i
pain -algia
pain -odynia
palate palat/o
pancreas pancreat/o
paralysis -plegia
passage -porosis
pelvis pelv/i
perineum perine/o
peritoneum peritone/o
pertaining to -ac/ -al/ -ar/ -ary/ -ic/ oid/ -ous/ -tic
pharynx pharyng/o
placque ather/o
pleura pleur/o
pleural cavity -thorax
pons pont/o
potassium kal/i
pregnancy gravid/o
pregnancy -cyesis
process of cutting -tomy
process of recording -graphy
process of studying -logy
process/ condition -ia/ -y
prostate gland prostat/o
protein -globulin
protein albumin/o
protein -globin
pubis pub/o
pulse sphygm/o
pupil cor/o
pupil core/o
pupil pupill/o
pus py/o
radius radi/o
record -gram
rectum proct/o
red erythr/o
removal -pheresis
renal pelvis pyel/o
retina retin/o
right dextr/o
rosy/ or dawn colored eosin/o
rule/ order norm/o
rupture -orrhexia
sacrum sacro/o
saliva sial/o
salivary glands sialaden/o
same hom/o
scale squam/o
scanty olig/o
scapula scapul/o
sclera scler/o
sebum seb/o
seed gon/o
seizure leps/o
self auto
seminal vessels vesicul/o
seperate -crit
shape/ form morph/o
sharp acu/o
shoulder acromi/o
side later/o
sigmoid sigmoid/o
single mon/o
sinus sinus/o
skeletal muscle rhabdomy/o
skin cutane/o
skin derm/o
skin dermat/o
skull crani/o
sleep narc/o somn/o
slight paralysis -paresis
slow brady
small micro
smaller mi/o
smell/ odor -osmia
smooth muscle leiomy/o
sodium natr/o
softening -malacia
sound -phonia
speech phas/o
spermatozoa sperm/o
spermatozoa spermat/o
spinal column rachi/o
spinal cord myel/o
spine spin/o
spitting -ptysis
spleen splen/o
split schiz/o
stapes staped/o
starch amyl/o
sternum stern/o
stiff ankly/o
stomach gastr/o
stone/ calculus lith/o
straight orth/o
sudden violent involuntary contraction -spasm
sugar glyc/o
sugar dextr/o
sugar gluc/o
surgical crushing -tripsy
surgical repair -plasty
surgically puncture -centisis
surrounding peri
suture -orrhaphy
sweat diaphor/o
sweat hidr/o
synovia synovi/o
syphilis syphil/o
tear dacry/o
tear lacrim/o
tear gland dacryoaden/o
tendon ten/o
testis orchid/o
testis orchi/o
testis test/o
thalamus thalam/o
thick pachy/o
thirst dipso/o
thorny/spiny Acanth/o
throat/pharynx pharyng/o
through/ by per
thymus thym/o
tibia tibi/o
tightning/ narrowing -stenosis
time chron/o
tissue hist/o
to bear -para
to bind/ connect nect/o
to break -lysis
to break -clast
to breathe spir/o
to carry or lead duct/o
to cut cis/o
to eat/swallow phang/o
to excise -ectomy
to free or undo dis
to go -grade
to make a new opening. -ostomy
to measure -meter
to pour -fusion
to run -drome
to stop/ control -stasis
to stretch/ dilatation -ectasis
to throw or cast away bol/o
to turn -tropia
to view -opsy
together sym
together syn
tonsils tonsill/o
tooth dent/o
tooth odont/o
tounge gloss/o
tounge lingu/o
toward the tail caud/o
towards ad
trachea trache/o
transmission -phoresis
treatment -therapy
tumor -oma
two bi
ulna uln/o
unequal anis/o
up ana
upper jaw bone maxill/o
urea/ nitrogen azot/o
ureters ureter/o
urethra urethr/o
urinary bladder cyst/o
urinary bladder vesic/o
urine ur/o
urine -uria
uterus hyster/o
uterus metr/o
uterus metri/o
uterus uter/o
vagina colp/o
vagina vagin/o
valve valv/o
varried irregular poikil/o
vein phleb/o
vein ven/o
ventricle ventricul/o
venule venul/o
vertebrae spondyl/o
vertebrae vertebr/o
vessel angi/o
vessel vas/o
vessel/ duct vas/o
vision -opia
voice phon/o
volume vol/o
vomitus emesis
vulva episi/o
vulva vulv/o
wash or irrigate -cylsis
water hydr/o
water aque/o
white alb/o
white leuk/o
with/ together con
within intra
women/ female gynec/o
wrist bones carp/o
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