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Review Module 4

Module 4 Review Exploring Creation with Biology

Which characteristics are common to the majority of fungi? Extracellular digestion--Chitin--Mycelia--Hyphae--Cells--Rhizoid Hyphae
Which characteristics are common to only some fungi? Stolons--Caps & Stalks--Sporangiophores--Haustoria--Motile Spores--Septate Hyphae
What are septate hyphae? Septate hyphae have walls to separate the cells.
What are non-septate hyphae? Cells in fungi that are not separated by cell walls.
What is the function of rhizoid hyphae? Support the fungus and digest food
What is the function of a stolon? A stolon asexually reproduces.
What is the function of a sporophore? A sporophore releases spores for reproduction.
What is the function of a haustorium? A haustorium invades the cells of a living host to absorb food directly from the cytoplasm.
Which hyphae are aerial? Stolons and Sporophores
What is the difference between a sporangiophore and a conidiophore? Sporangiophores produce spores in an enclosure; conidiophore spores are not enclosed.
What is the main classification characteristic of the Phylum Basidiomycota. Form sexual spores on club-like basidia
What is the main classification characteristic of the Phylum Ascomycota? Form sexual spores in sac-like asci
What is the main classification characteristic of Phylum Zygomycota? Form sexual spores where hyphae fuse
What is the main classification characteristic of Phylum Chytridiomycota? Form spores with flagella
What is the main classification characteristic of Phylum Deuteromycota? No known method of sexual reproduction
What is the main classification characteristic of Phylum Myxomycota? Look like protozoa for much of their life cycle
What are the stages, in chronological order, associated with the life cycle of a mushroom, starting with the formation of a mycelium. Mycelium grows from spores--Encounters other compatible mycelium--Sexually reproduce--Hyphae form web enclosed in membrane(button stage)--Hyphae fill quickly with water--Fruiting body(stipe & cap)breaks through membrane--Spores are released from gills
Where does a mushroom form its spores? On basidia in the gills of the cap
Where does a puffball form its spores? On basidia enclosed in a membrane
Where does a shelf fungi form its spores? On basidia in pores on the fruiting body
What is an alternate host? A temporary host used by a parasitic fungus at some stage in its life
What type of fungus uses an alternate host? Rusts
What type of fungus is best known for fermentation and to what phylum does it belong? Yeast-- Phylum Ascomycota
How is budding different from asexual reproduction in bacteria? In budding the offspring stays attached to the parent until it has grown. In bacterial asexual reproduction the offspring grows on its own.
Name two pathogenic fungi and the maladies that they cause. Rusts: crop damage--Smuts: crop damage Ergot of rye(Claviceps purpurea): death Chryphonectria parasitica: chestnut blight Ophiostoma ulmi: Dutch elm disease Synchytrium endobioticum: potato wart
Name the three ways bread mold can reproduce and whether each is asexual or sexual. Asexually when a stolon starts another mycelium -- Asexually when an aerial hypha forms a sporophore (usually sporangiophore) -- Sexually when two mycelia form a zygospore
What characteristic puts a fungus into Phylum Deuteromycota? When the sexual mode of reproduction is unknown
What can happen if an antibiotic is used too much? Resistant strains of the pathogen can be formed.
What is the genus of the fungus that produces penicillin? Genus Penicillium
When a slime mold is a plasmodium, it resembles organisms from what kingdom? Kingdom Protista
What is the easiest way to get rid of slime molds? Keep the habitat dry
What are the two major forms of mutualism in fungi? Lichens and Mycorrhizae
What is a lichen? A mutualistic relationship between a fungus and an alga.
What is a mycorrhiza? A mutualistic relationship between a fungus' mycelium and a plant's root system
What is a soredium? The specialized spore produced by most lichens
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