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Geography Topic 1 Lake Cathie 2011

Coastal Zone Management plan for Lake Cathie Prepared by Port Macquarie Hastings Council and the Department of Environment and climate change
Coastal Hazard Study Assess areas potentially at risk
Coastal Management Study Defining threats to coastal zone values and identifying management options
Coastal Management Plan How the coastline will be managed
Lake Cathie issues Beach erosion at Illaroo Road, collapse of storm-water drains and associated beach erosion, loss of dune vegetation, noxious weeds within due area, illegal access points
Impacts from the erosion of beaches and dunes Infrastructure, recreation facilities, residences, ecological communities and habitats, cultural heritage values and local economic values
Parts of Illaroo Road At risk of beach erosion in a large storm, cracking walls and will increase due to sea levels rising
Landslip on coastal dunes Caused by undercutting by wave action
Storm-water erosion High velocity storm-water flows makes erosion worse
Structural engineering works Reduce threat to private property
Beach nourishment Provide a barrier against storm erosion
Reactive management strategy Reacting to storms as they occur
Planned retreat Council and government buyback of properties at risk
Relocation of infrastructure Provision of alternate property access
Beach nourishment Works with natural coastal processes but is costly
Planned retreat Could be implemented gradually but at a major cost to ratepayers
Lake Cathie Progress Association A volunteer group whose goal is to "look after residents and taxpayers"
Issues for the LCPA Roads, road safety, Lake Cathie erosion, not enough sporting fields, funding and grants
Jack Jones Secretary of LCPA
Rob Tate President of LCPA and member of Landcare
Roger Miker Member of LCPA
Created by: PCGEEK