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CT Artifacts

Study Questions

If more than one tissue is contained in a voxel, the CT number is determined by a _____________ of the densities of the contents of the voxel. weighted average
What artifact can occur when more than one tissue type is contained in a voxel? partial volume averaging
What artifact results from the mathematical averaging of various attenuation coefficients from several millimeters of different types of tissue? partial volume averaging
How can we minimize the partial voluming effect? using thinner slices
The edge gradient effect is one of the many causes of ____ artifacts in CT images. streak
Out-of-field artifacts may look like ____ or ____ on CT images. streaks or shading
The severity of the out-of-field artifact depends on what? amount and density of the anatomy outside the SFOV
Which artifact results from a faulty or miscalibrated detector element? ring artifact
If a detector has an offset difference of as little as ___% with neighboring detectors, a ring artifact may result on the images. 0.1%
When might tube arcing occur within the tube? when the tube vacuum is compromised
When might tube arcing occur outside of the tube? when impurities cause the oil to become electrically conductive
Each time the tube arcs, the ____ data for that view is distorted. projection
The spreading of the x-ray photons along the z-direction is responsible for an artifact called what? cone beam artifact
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