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Set Number 4

Sapient Wise, insightful (often used ironically).
Sage A person, usually elderly, who is honored for wisdom and experience.
Congnation The act of percieving or knowing.
Cognizant Aware; having knowledge of something.
Connoisseur An expert or very discriminating person, especially in matters of art and taste.
Notorious Widely and unfavorably known; infamous.
Compute To determine by mathematics.
Impute To attribute orascribe a quality, especially a fault, to a person.
Repute To assign a reputation to.
Putative Supposed, reputed
Presage A sign or feeling concerning some future event; omen; foreboding.
Sagacious Shrewd; having good judgment; perceptive.
Conscientious 1. Guided by ones sence of right and wrong. 2. Though; with careful attention.
Plebiscite A direct vote of all the people of a country or district on an important matter; a referendum.
Prescience Knowledge of events before they occur; forsight; forknowledge.
Created by: molly_clark2364