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Modern Korean 17

Modern Korean Lesson 17 Vocabulary

자유롭다 to be free; unrestricted
자리 a seat; place; position
허용되다 to be allowed
결정하다 to decide (on)
비로소 for the first time; not ... until
사귀다 to make friends (with)
상대 the other party; an opponent
동료 a colleague
개인적으로 personally
마음에 들다 to like
허락하다 to allow
전통적인 traditional; conventional
예복 formal dress; dress suit
달리지다 to become different; change
맛취 보다 to compare (with); check (with)
유교 Confucianism
변천 changes; vicissitudes
데이트 상대 one's date
연애 결흔 a love match (marriage)
중매 쟁이 a matchmaker; a go-between
소개받다 to be introduced
중매 결흔 an arranged marriage
예복 a formal dress; dress suit
예식장 a wedding hall
서양식 Westerin (European) style
살림살이 household necessities
여겨지다 to be regarded as
궁합을 맞춰 보다 to compare the horoscopes of a young couple (to assure married bliss)
기초하다 to be based on
우연 a chance; accident
축복 a blessing
출입 coming and going; entrance and exit
권투 (a) boxing (match)
시합 a match
패하다 to be defeated
변호사 a lawyer
복권 a lottery ticket
깨닫다 to realize
발달 development; advancement
기술 technology
의학 medical science; medicine
입학 admission to a school; matriculation
세계 the world
통신 telecommunication
처리하다 to transact; deal with
귀찮다 to be troublesome, bothering
제출하다 to submit; turn in
심술 perverseness
승진 a promotion
여쭤 보다 to ask (honorific word)
Created by: lasienne