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Modern Korean 16

Modern Korean Lesson 16 Vocabulary

이상하다 to be strange; unusual
궁금하다 to be curious (to know)
주고 받다 to exchange; give and take
당연하다 to be right; be a matter of course; be no wonder
일부러 deliberately; on purpose
신세대 the new generation
처지 a situation; one's status
위로하다 to console; comfort
의도 one's intention
아무튼 anyhow; in any case
발렌타인 데이 Valentine's Day
아내 (one's) wife
초콜렛 chocolate
반대로 conversely; on the contrary
사탕 a candy
일부러 on purpose
옆구리 a flank; the side (of the chest)
찌르다 to poke
커다란 big; huge
상을 타다 to win a prize
부딧치다 to bump; collide with
댄스 뮤직 dance music
메시지 a message
연락이 오다 to receive a communication
꼬리 a tail
흔들다 to wag; swing; wave
기분 나쁘다 to feel unhappy; feel badly
시끄럽다 to be noisy
흐리다 to be cloudy
다니다 to attend; come and go
지갑 a wallet
이해하다 to understand
딸기 a strawberry
기분 one's feeling
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