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4.01 types of sells

What is selling? -is the exchange of goods and services from products to sonsumers for a price.
What is Data Based Marketing? -involves the collection of information about past, curent, and potential consumers.
What is Personal Selling? - a two way communication between a representative of the company and the customer.
What is Business to Business Selling? - takes place in a manufacture or wholesalers showroom(inside sales)or a customers place of business(outside sale).
What is Direct Mail? - is personal and recieved in the maibox.
What is Internet Selling? - is executed using the internet. (www.)
Customer vs. Consumers - customers buy, and consumer uses the product.
What is Selling and Full-Menu Marketing? - having a produce or service that meets virtually any customers wants and needs.
What is Feature-Benefit Selling? - product features are the basic physical and extended characteristics of an item.
What is Customer Buying Motives? - motives for buyinga product -rational motives -emotional motives -patronage motives
What is Rational Motives? - based on conscious, logical thinking and decision making.
What is Emotional Motives? -based on feelings -social approval, recognition, power, love, and prestige.
What is Patronage Motives? - based on loyalty - low price, high quality, friendly staff, great customers service, mercahndise assortment,
What is Decision Making Process? - a process you go through to decide what product you will buy.
What is Extensive Decision Making? - occures when there is a high level or percieved risk, a product or service is very expensive or has a high value to the customer.
What is Limited Decision Making? - occurs when a customer buys a product that he or she has purchased before but no regularly.
What is Rootine Decision Making? - occurs when little information is needed about the product being purchased.
Steps of the Selling Process: 1. pre approach 2. product information 3. review current trade periodicals 4. sourses and methods of prospecting
Product Information: - knowing how to use and care for a productis essensials when educating consumers.
Reviewing Current Trade Periodicals: - crucial to stay atleast of current trends and industry information.
Sources and Methods of Prospecting: - a prospect is a potential customer.
Created by: sammischreck11