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Latin unit 13

Unit 13 vocab words in the Cambridge Latin Series

aedificium buildings edifice
canto; cantare, cantavi sings cantor, cantar (esp.)
ceteri the others; the rest et cetera
custos; custodem guards custody, custodian
decido, decidire, decidi fall down deciduous
dico, dicere, dixi say diction, dictionary, edict
fessus tired NONE
interficio, interficere, initerfeci kill NONE
ita vero yes; affirmative NONE
nolo, nole, nolui do not want, refuse NONE
novus new novel
nullus not any, no null, nullify
numero, numerare, numeri count numeral
possum, posse, potui can, be able possible
retineo, retinere, retinue keep retain, retainer, retinue
ruo, ruere, rui rush NONE
se himself, herself, themselves NONE
sum, essi, fui be spanish verb "ser"
traho, trahere, traxi trag tractor, extract, attract, ---tract
vita life vital, vitaimin
volo, vuelle, volui want volition
vulnero, vulnare, vulneravi wound vulnerable
excito, excitare, excitavi arouse, wake up excite
adevenio, advenire, adevni arrive advents
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