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OIT/OHSU Drug pros

Drug Profiles

What is the generic and trade name for ASA? ACETYLSALICYLIC ACID and Asprin
What is the class of atropine sulfate? Parasympatholytic, anticholinergic, antimuscarinic, vagolytic
What is the MOA of atropine sulfate? Atropine blocks the action of acetylcholine (ACh) at the postganglionic receptor sites located in smooth muscle, secretory glands, the CNS, the SA and AV nodes, and cardiac muscle. Atropine’s effect is a parasympathetic antagonist.
What is the absorbtion of atropine sulfate? Immediate
What is the contraindications of atropine sulfate? None in emergancy setting.
Precautions of atropine sulfate? Paradoxical bradycardia can occur after slow administration or with small doses (minimum dose 0.5 mg adults, 0.1 mg children). Avoid in hypothermic bradycardia.
Side effects of Atropine sulfate? Acute psychosis, vasodilation, dehydration, elevated temperature, and mydriasis (pupil dilation). Remember the saying, “Mad as a hatter, hot as a hare, red as a beet, dry as a bone, and blind as a bat!”
Interactions of Atropine sulfate? Additive anticholinergic effects with other anticholinergic compounds, including antihistamines, TCA’s
Dosages of Atropine sulfate? Bradycardia: 0.5-1 mg every 3-5 min (maximum dose is 0.04 mg/kg). Asystole: 1 mg every 3-5 min (maximum dose is 0.04 mg/kg). Poisoning: 1-2 mg initially, can be repeated every 5-60 min as needed
What form does atropine sulfate come in? Solution 1mg/10ml preload.
What are the indications for Atropine Sulfate? Symptomatic bradycardia, asystole, bradycardic PEA, organophosphate poisoning, nerve agent poisoning.
What heart rhythem and/or condition is atropine sulfate ineffective against? Bradycardic PEA and bradycardia associated with high-level AV blocks (2nd degree type II and 3rd degree). In the bradycardic AV blocks cases consider pacing first.
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