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APES Ch. 6 and 7

The modern atmosphere contained oxygen that was probably produced by___ in the process of_____. these phytoplankton were thought to have produced the first oxygen in our atmosphere cyanobacteria in the process of photosynthesis
The % of carbon dioxide in the atmoshpere is___which why a small increase can have a large affect 0.01-0.1%
compared to the size of the earth, the atmosphere is a ______ _____ thin shell
the five layers of the atmosphere are... Exosphere, Thermosphere, Mesosphere, Stratosphere, Troposhere
most of our weather takes place in____ and is ozone is harmful because_____ the troposhere, defective for humans and life
the ozone layer is located in the _____ because ____ stratosphere "upper atmosphere", it absorbs harmful UV rays
most of our air (99%) is located in what two layers stratosphere, troposhere
temperatures in the thermosphere can go up to... 2000 degrees Celsius!
the_____is where radio waves can be reflected around the world thermosphere
what are the tree types of heat transfer convection, conduction, radiation
seasons on earth are caused by the ____ of ____degrees of the planet tilt of 23.5 degrees
what accounts for our changing weather The atmosphere's continual struggle for temperature balance (air temperature) AIR PRESSURE??
what causes air pressure? caused by the weight of the air pressing down on the Earth, the ocean and on the air below
list some types of precipitation rain, snow, sleet, hail air containing water vapor cools in atmosphere and therefore condenses to form droplets of liquid water
what causes winds to spiral on the surface of the Earth? falling of high to low pressures (Coriolis effect) CAUSED BY PRESSURES VS. SPEED?
what is the rain shadow effect? Prevailing winds pick up moisture from an ocean. On the windward side of a mountain range, air rises, cools, and releases moisture. On the leeward side of the mountain range, air descends, warms, and releases little moisture. THIS MAKES
organisms living in an ____ zone are limited to access by light, nutrient availability, and amount of dissolved oxygen in the water aquatic
the two most important factors that determine the climate of an area are_____ and ______ precipitation and temperature
climate is the most important factor that determines where a ____ is found biome
the coral reef is to water environments as the _________ ______ is to land environments with regards to biodiversity tropical rain forest
what's a lake overturn in a freshwater lake? layers in fall and spring (stratification) MIX the benthic (bottom layer) goes to the top layer
estuaries exhibit _______ and _______ because of tides flowing in and out and the hot sun rising and setting salinity and temperature
the desert biome is what? -has succulent plants (like catci) that hold lots of water in spongy tissue - some living organisms "barely cling to life as it is" -dry and inhospitable - threats: off roading, mining, overgrazing
greenhouse gases water vapor (h2o) carbon dioxide (co2) methane (CH4) hydrofluorocarbons (SF6-sulfur hexafluoride) (HFC) perfluorocarbons (PFC) nitrous oxide (n2o)
air at the lower latitudes near the _____ tends to heat up and rise. it's at zero latitude equator
the grassland biome is what? has prairie dogs, insects, coyotos, hawks, foxes - fire is danger threats: fire, farming, development
the abyssal zone is what? -deepest zone in the ocean -has hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the ocean -organisms here get their oxygen from chemosynthesis that come from chemical compounds NOT the sun
ecosystems with the highest NET PRIMARY PRODUCTIIVTY per unit area are found in the ____ zone of the ocean coastal
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