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C.J. Chapter 6 P.S.

flash cards

Cash Office Audit A coutning of money earned during the operating hours a retail location that is compared to the record of goods sold to determine any shortages or discrepancies.
Crothching A shoplifting technique that involves a woman rolling retail items into a ball and quickly placing it between her legs while wearing a dress.
Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) A tagging system on retail articles used by stores to deter shoplifting.
Electronic Journals Electronic computerized record keeping system that records the transactions that take place at a retail location.
Floor Walker An individual who serves as a deterrent by walking around the retail location.
Loss Prevention Agent The current title for private security personnel who work in the U.S. retail industry.
Shield Technique A shoplifting technique that involves a person who blocks the view of a shoplifter from cameras or security personell.
Shrinkage The lost profits or merchandise as a result of employee theft, shoplifting, vender fraud, administrative errors, bad checks and credit cards, fraud, and vandilism.
Retail The sale of physical goods or merchandise from a fixed location.
Repossessors Individuals who take merchandise back because of failure of payment
Reports Give a spoken or written account of something that one has observed, heard, done, or investigated
Inspection a formal or official examination
Serial Numbers a unique number assigned for identification purposes by the manufacturer
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