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Physical & Chemical

Physical & Chemical Changes

Phase change, cutting, and tearing are all examples of _____ changes. physical
When baking soda and vinegar are ______ bubbles form and rise to the top of the liquid causing a new substance to be formed. combined
Bubbles and fizzing can be seen instantly when baking soda is mixed with vinegar because a ______ is formed when baking soda and vinegar are mixed. gas
An _____ is a pure substance that cannot be broken down into a simpler substance. element
NaCl is an example of a ______. compound
When elements bond together or when bonds of compounds are broken and form a new substance this is known as a chemical ______. change
When observing, a good indicator that a new substance has been formed is a substance has _____ color. changed
When two liquids are mixed, and a ______ substance is forms, this is evidence that a chemical change has taken place. solid
If you have a substance, and it can be concluded that a chemical change has happened if there is a _____ change. color
When two clear liquids are mixed, producing a white solid which settles to the bottom, this would be and example of a _____ change. chemical
_____ is an example of a chemical change. fireworks
Electrical wires are made from metals such as copper and chromium because _____ are good conductors of electricity. metals
Metals are not _____. brittle
When white crystals are added to a clear liquid. The crystals _____ in the liquid. After a few seconds, the liquid became quite warm and then turned bright red in color. A chemical change has taken place when observing the change in temperature. dissolved
Bubbles being _____ off is evidence of a chemical change. given
Changing the form of a substance, or the _____ of a substance is a physical change. appearance
Production of a gas (bubbles); phase change (solid to liquid); a precipitate forms; change in shape; crystals dissolving; and heat produced - how many of these are observations that a new substance has formed? three
Another term for chemical change that involved combining different substances and producing a new substance is known as chemical _____. reaction
_____ can be released during a chemical change. energy
A granular substance is added to a liquid, suggested evidence of a chemical change would be if the _____ gives off heat. liquid
When _____ or more substances combine to form a NEW substance is a chemical change. two
When two substances are mixed, they might form a new substance, evidence of this could be if the temperature of the _____ decreases. mixture
A _____ nail is a chemical change. rusty
Ice _____ is a physical change. melting
A student mixes two clear liquids together. After a few minutes, a white powder can be seen settling on the bottom of the test tube, the two _____ liquids have combined to form a new substance. clear
Bubbles and fizzing would _____ a new substance has been formed. indicate
Smashing a piece of _____ is a physical change. chalk
Change in the _____ of state is a chemical change. matter
When sugar is heated over a flame, it turns black. The color of the _____ changing is evidence of a chemical change. sugar
_____ of a piece of paper is a chemical change. burning
All chemical reactions, ______ a new substance. form
A student has 250 mL of two different clear liquids, they pour one liquid into the other. The mixtures turns bright red, then begins to turn quite cold. The first evidence of a chemical change is the color ______ bright red. turned
Created by: oakhills