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NCLEX PN Review - Mental

Example of Obsession is: pt checks his belongings over and over again
One sign of Anorexia Nervosa is: hypotension
Bipolar pt stopped taking lithium 2 wks ago: SS is restlessness
Bipolar disorder, Manic phase: unpredictible with angry outbursts
SS of bipolar disorder flights of ideas, restlessness & delusions of grandeur
Bipolar disorder: if challenged, expect erratic & unpredictible behavior
Phobia: do not force pt to: face phobic object or situation, risk of panic
SS of alcohol withdrawel: tachycardia, disorientation, confusion, agitation, inability to sleep
Early ss of alcohol withdrawel perceptual disorder
dystonia is: jerking movements of head & neck
ss opioid withdrawel: flushing, piloeration, N/V,abdominal cramps, lacrimation & rhinorrhea
Alcohol detox drug is Librium (chlordiaze poride)
Librium - chlordiaze poride classification? tranqualizer
Alcohol detox-early withdrawel __ days from last drink: withdrawel is in 1-2 days (may be as early as 6 hours)from last drink
Manipulative behavior is a personality disorder
In cases of Manipulative behavior: N should use: verbal reinforcement when pt functions within rules
Schizophrenia (catatonic type) negative pt - N should: tell pt what to do specifically & concisely
When may N use restraints: as a last resort with Dr approval & check agency policy
Obsession: Define a recurrent, persistant & intrusive thought
Compulsion: Define drive to perform recurrent, persistant & repetitive actions
In acute manic state - N actions: reduce stimulation; set limits;
panic attacks TX is anti anxiety drugs help w/SS
panic-common SS fear of losing mind
schizophrenia hints: family can get help, support service are available; environment is important
bipolar dz is rapid mood changes from elation to depression
Do not mix drugs & alcohol with aspirin, anti-histamines & sedatives
post traumatic stress dz: pt relives event thru dreams and recollections
post traumatic stress dz SS: hyper alertness, sleep problems, exaggerated startle, survival guilt & memory impairment
amphetamine overdose SS tension, irritability, diarrhea
amphetamines are a nervous system stimulant subject to abuse because it produces wakefullness & euphioria
Amphetamine use - what body response? stimulates norepinephrine & increases heart rate and blood flow
Somatoform pain dz: real to pt BUT no organic cause found
opiate abuse SS agitation, slurred speech, constructed pupils & euphoria
stress & anxiety - most common SS diarrhea most common symptom
overdose anti anxiety meds: emotional liability, euphoria & impaired memory
When may a N force meds on pt? only if danger to self or others
Suicide ? to ask if suspect posibility: How do you think you would kill yourself?
Pt is afraid to leave home & has a: persistant intrusive image that seems senseless to the pt
N/V & diarrhea indicate which substance abuse: opioids
Bulimia Nervosa is a maladaptive coping respones to stress issues
Bulimia Nervosa-Pt will: overeat and vomit
N must watch bulimia pt for 1 hour and monitor ins & outs & appetite
Bulimia involves serious problem with weight loss
Inital goal of bulimia pt: ID anxiety cause & learn new coping skills
Classic Bulimia Nervosa is binge and purge
Anorexia nervosa pt: uses food to control anxiety to the point of self destruction
Anorexia pt-highest priority is: basic nutritional needs
Anorexia nervosa care plan: relate the pts concern for health & desire to help pt make healthy decisions
Parents role in anorexia: controlling and over protective
Anorexia- care plan also has: strict eating plan, monitor weight & meals (no privacy),limit & supervise exercise
Classis anorexia pt profile: low self esteem, perfectionest, work for all A's,
Anorexia characteristic behavior: constant dieting
Anorexia SS: associative hypotension, reduced metabolism, produces bradycardia & cold extremities, lanugo may cover face, sholders & extremities
Lanugo is solf, downlike hair
hypochrondriasis a hypo kon dri ac
hyprchrondriasis-pt who is preoccupied w/having a serious DZ.
Created by: jeanl