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SimsLatinIV (2)

Aeneas Arrives in Italy vocabulary

Asia -ae, f. = Asia (duh!)
appello (1) = to call, name
Priamus -i, m. = Priam (king of Troy, father of Paris, Hektor, (and dozens more!)
interficio interficere/interfeci/interfectus = to kill
Aeneas -ae, m. = Aeneas (son of Venus and a mortal, Anchises)
clarus -a, -um = clear, distinguished, famous
defensor -oris, m. = defender
profugus -i, m. = refugee
cogo cogere/coegi/coactus = to collect, gather; to compel, force
migro (1) = to move, migrate
Laurentum -i, m. = Laurentum (a coastal town in Latium)
cum (prep. + abl.) = with; (subordinating conjunction + subjunctive) = when, since, although
praeda -ae, f. = booty, loot; cattle (taken in a foraging raid)
ago agere/egi/actus = to drive, urge, conduct, act
Latinus -i, m. = Latinus (king of the Aborigines in Latium)
colloquium -i, n. = conversation, conference, parley
origo originis, f. = origin
dux ducis, m. = leader
Lavinia -ae, f. = Lavinia (daughter of King Latinus and future wife of Aeneas)
Lavinium -i, n. = Lavinium (a town in Latium founded by Aeneas and named for his wife, Lavinia)
Turnus -i, m. = Turnus (king of the Rutuli)
Rutuli -orum, m. pl. = the Rutuli (a people living in Latinum)
adventus -us, m. = arrival
aggredior aggredi/aggressus sum (deponent verb) = to attack
amitto amittere/amisi/amissus = to lose
Etruscus -a, -um = Etruscan; (m. pl.) = the Etruscans (the people who controlled Italy north of the Tiber River)
fama -ae, f. = fame, reputation, story; rumor
impleo implere/implevi/impletus = to fill
metuo metuere/metui/-- = to fear, be afraid of
ops opis, f. = wealth; (pl.) = resources, power
cresco crescere/crevi/cretus = to grow, prosper, thrive
discrimen discriminis, n. = crisis
ut (with subjunctive verb) = so that, in order that
ius iuris, n. = law, jurisdiction, justice
Latini -orum, m. pl. = Latins (the name given by Aeneas to the united Aborigines and Trojans)
adversus (prep. + acc.) = contrary to, opposite, against
moenia moenium, n. pl. = walls, fortifications
acies -ei, f. = line of battle, battle formation, battle
copia -ae, f. = supply, abundance; (pl.) = troops
reperio reperire/repperi/repertus = to find
transeo transire/transii/transitus = to go across, cross over
regno (1) = to rule, reign
Ascanius -i, m. = Aeneas' son by his wife Creusa (also called Iulus)
adolesco adolescere/adolevi/adultus = to mature, grow up
abundo (1) = to overflow, be in flood
Alba Longa -ae, f. = mother city of Rome founded by Ascanius
imperium -i, n. = power, empire, dominion, rule
Proca -ae, m. = king of Alba Longa, father of Numitor and Amulius
Numitor -oris, m. = rightful king of Alba Longa, grandfather of Romulus and Remus
Amulius -i, m. = king of Alba Longa, brother of Romulus and Remus
maior short for "maior natu" = greater in age, i.e. "older"
pello pellere/pepuli/pulsus = to drive, drive out, repulse, repel
Rhea Silvia -ae, f. = daughter of Numitor, mother of Romulus and Remus
species -ei, f. = appearance, pretext
per speciem (+ gen.) = on the pretext of . . .
sacerdos sacerdotis, m/f = priest(ess)
Vesta -ae, f. = goddess of hearth and home
lego legere/legi/lectus = to read, gather, choose
regius -a, -um = royal, king's
custodia -ae, f. = watch, custody, prison
Tiberis Tiberis, m. (acc. Tiberim) = the river that flows past Rome
inicio inicere/inieci/iniectus = to throw into
alveus -i, m. = basket
tenuis -is, -e = thin, shallow
siccum -i, n. = dry land
sedeo sedere/sedi/sessus = to sit; to settle
lupa -ae, f. = she-wolf
sitio sitire/sitivi/-- = to be thirsty
circa (adv.) = around, nearby
vagitus -us, m. = wailing, crying
cursus -us, m. = running, course, path
flecto flectere/flexi/flexus = to turn, go, change
Faustulus -i, m. = shepherd who found Romulus and Remus
pastor -oris, m. = shepherd
nutrio nutrire/nutrivi/nutritus = to nurse, care for
Larentia -ae, f. = wife of Faustulus
educo (1) = to bring up, educate
venor venari/venatus sum (deponent verb) = to hunt
latro latronis, m. = robber
onustus -a, -um = laden, burdened
divido dividere/divisi/divisus = to force apart, divide, distribute
celebro (1) = to frequent, celebrate
ob (prep. + acc.) = on account of, because of
incuso (1) = to reproach, accuse (+ acc. & infin.)
ad (prep. + acc.) used here to express purpose = "for"
supplicium -i, nt. = punishment
dedo dedere/dedidi/deditus = to hand over, surrender, give up
Created by: simsma