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CCHS Yr 11 Unseen

Vocab for the Year 11 Unseen Latin Test (yes, I did type all this up)

alter, altera, alterum other
ambulo, ambulare, ambulavi, abmulatus to walk
amor, amoris (m) love
animus, animi (m) mind
appropinquo, approqinquare, approquniquavi + dative to approach
autem however, but
celer, celeris, celere quick, fast
conspicio, conspicere, conspexi, conspectus to catch sight of
curro, currere, cucurri, cursus to run
debeo, debere, bedui, debitus to destroy
deus, dei (m) god
dico, dicere, dixi, dictus to say
filia, filiae (f) daughter
filius, silii (m) son
fugio, fugere, fugi, fugitus to flee
igitur therefore
incendo, incendere, incensi, incensus to set on fire, burn
iratus, irata, iratum burn
iubeo, iubere, iussi, iussus to order
iuvenis, iuvenis (m) young man
laudo, laudare, laudavi, laudatus to praise
liberi, liberorum (m, plural) children
maritus, mariti (m) husband
medius, media, medium middle
mitto, mittere, misi, missus to send
nolo, nolle, nolui to not want, refuse
olim once
oro to beg, pray
parvus, parva, parvum small
pater, patris (m) fathre
peto, petere, petivi, petitus to seek, look for, ask for
primus, prima, primum first
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum beautiful
respondeo, respondere, respondi, responsus to reply
seape often
semper always
sequor, sequi, secutus sum to follow
silva, silvae (f) wood
vita, vitae (f) life
volo, velle, volui to want
vultus, vultus (m) face, expresson
Created by: Yannerz