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Phylum Nematoda

What are the characteristics of organisms found in the Phylum Nematoda? Roundworms; Unsegmented worms; Smooth bodies; Very small
How do people get infected with Ascaris lumbricoides? Contact with feces infected with ova
The worm causes varied symptoms, depending on the life cycle of the worm. What are some of the symptoms associated with Ascaris lumbricoides? Transient hepatitis, abdominal pain, intestinal blockage, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, pneumonitis, coughing spasms, allergic symptoms, and asthmatic breathing
What corresponding genus of roundworm is associated with infection in dogs and cats? Toxocara
Can people get infected with the dog and cat roundworm? yes
What is the common name of Necator americanus? hookworm
How do we usually get infected with Necator americanus? Larvae penetrate intact skin of a bare foot when contact is made with infected soil; Larvae enter circulation, heart and lungs; Coughed up and swallowed for final residence
What symptoms are associated with Necator infection? Blood loss, severe anemia, lethargy, mental/physical retardation
How can we prevent infection with Necator americanus? Proper sanitation and education about the importance of wearing shoes to prevent infection
How does Necator americanus attach and cause damage to the intestinal mucosa? scolex with hooks
What is the scientific name of the “pinworm”? Enterobius vermicularis
Is the pinworm dangerous? Yes; Common in temperate regions with high level of sanitation; Eggs can survive for some weeks outside of body
What symptoms might be noticed in people who are infected with the pinworm? What is the cause of these symptoms? Pruritus ani symptoms; Insomnia and restlessness the worms migrate from the anus during resting hours
How do we diagnose infection by the pinworm? Recovery of eggs from the perianal region; Graham’s Scotch Tape Method
What is the genus name of the organism we call the “whipworm”? Trichuris trichiura
Why is it called a whipworm? It is long and thin with a thickened posterior end that is rounded, resembling the hand of a whip
How do man and animals get infected with the whipworm? Ingesting infected feces
What is the genus name of the dog and cat heartworm? Dirofilaria
Can man become infected with heartworms from interaction with their dog or cat? Rarely, but when they do, infection usually develops in the lungs and sometimes in the eye
How do people get infected with Trichenella spiralis? Consuming uncooked/undercooked, infected pork and/or bear
What is the most common source of infection of Trichenella spiralis in the United States? Ingestion of ground beef as hamburger or steak tartare when it is diluted with its cheaper competitor, pork
What are some of the symptoms associated with Trichenella infection? Myocarditis, encephalitis, pneumonitis
How can you prevent infection with Trichenella spiralis? Thoroughly cook pork and bear meat, prolonged freezing of meat
What is the genus and species name of the “guinea worm”? Dracunculus medinensis
How do people get infected with Dracunculus medinensis? By drinking water containing fleas that are infected with the larvae of the parasite
How big is Dracunculus medinensis? About 36 inches long
How long does it take Dracunculus medinensis to leave the body? Many weeks to three months
Through efforts of Jimmy Carter and others, the guinea worm has nearly been eradicated from the earth. How have they been able to prevent infection with this worm? Education about the life cycle of the parasite, sterile medical supplies, and filters that can used to filter drinking water
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