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FG Geography Chp 2 2

3 different types of wetlands swamps, bogs, marshes
swamp Covered by standing water and contain mostly trees
bogs spongy areas that look dry but are covered with wet organic materials
Marsh standing water and contains grasses and small water plants
Why is there controversy over wetlands? because of a conflict between landowners and the government over building on the land and protecting wildlife
Two processes that continue to shape the Earth Internal Forces and external forces
What are internal forces? earthquakes and volcanoes; push rocks up
What are external forces? break rocks down; wind and water
plate tectonics theory idea that plates crash into one another and pull apart realing energy
tectonic activity movement of the Earth's surface
faults deep cracks in Earth's surface where 2 pieces of land have moved in different directions
folding rocks bend upward when pushed from both sides
Continental Drift Theory idea that the continents were once linked together into a super continent and then floated apart over millions of years
Why is Continental Drift Theory not believed by Creationists? Creationists don't believe that it took millions of years for the continents to float apart.
weathering breaking down of rocks by temperature changes, water, plant roots, ice, and crystals
erosion natural removal of materials broken down by weathering
sediment particles of sand, silt, and clay
glaciers large masses of snow and ice that collected over time
4 forces that cause erosion wind, water, glaciers, waves, and gravity
What is the difference between weathering and erosion? Weathering is the breaking down of materials and erosion is the washing away.
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