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what % of transferrian is bound to Fe? 30%
how is intravscular distingusihed from extravascular hemolysis? urine hemsiderin
what other tests are utilized in the detection of hemolytic anemia? bilirubin haptoglobin urine hemosiderin
what is the reticulocyte value for anemia? hemolytic anemia retic
how can hgb A and Hgb S be confirmed? hgb electrophoresis using acid agar
what is the intrinsic factor and what disease is deficient in IF? It is needed to absorb B12 Pernicious Anemia (PA)
what is the peupose of the Schilling test? detects malabsorption of B12 found in PA
how can IDA and anemia of chronic disease be distinguished? Ferritin decreased TIBC increased
what is the breakdown product of hgb? urobilinogen
what is a product of heme synthesis? one of the porphyrins (uroporphyrin or coproporhyrin)
which thalassemia is more serious? alpha thalassemia major
since hematocrit is calculated on the coulter instrument, will increased WBC affect the hct? yes
what power is used to see BM megs? low power
what do Karryohexis and asynchrony indicate? defective DNA synthesis
at what point do normal RBC normally lyse in an osmotic fragility? approx 0.5% NaCl
what anemia type is found in liver disease? macrocytes
what chemistry tests are increased in hemolytic anemia? bilirubin and LD
which anemia has the most polychromasia? hemolytic
ringer sideroblasts on an iron stain indicate what? sideroblasts anemia
are hypersegmented neutrophils reported? yes
What anemia do you see hypersegmented neutrophils? meglobalstic anemia
will cold agglutination and increased WBC affect the hct? yes cold agglutination increases the MCV, which is used to get the hct?
will lipemia affect the hct? no
in aplastic anemia what is the BM cell:fat ratio? 10;90
if the wrong type of blood is transfused, what type of hemolysis is found? intravascular hemolysis
what is the fetal hgb content for sickle cell trait? normal Hgb F (1:30%)
what is the M:E ratio for erythroid hyperplasia? 1:1
how is the M:E ratio calculated? # of myeloid cells/#of erythroid cells
in normal BM, what % of WBC are the more mature cells? 50% of neutrophils are myleocytes, metmyleocytes, bands, segs
what is the advantage of using automated instruments? increased precision
what is the normal M:E ratio? 3:1
what is the M:E ratio in anemia? 1:1
what are the indices for a hgb of 8.0gm/dL? cannot determine
when is basophilic stippling observed? thalassemia and lead poisoning
the retic value is____ after treatment for IDA, folate, B12 increased
retic value is _____ in spherocytosis increased
retic values are _____ in aplastic anemia normal or decreased
retic values are ______ in untreated folate deficiency normal or decreased
composition of Howell-J body DNA
composition of retic RNA
composition of heinz body precipitated hgb
composition of pappenheimer Fe
composition of N-RBC DNA
composition of C crystals precipitated hgb
what anemia is associated howell-jolly inclusions megloblastic anemia, hemolytic anemia
what anemia is associated basophilic stippling inclusions lead poisoning, thalassemia
what anemia is associated with pappenheimer inclusions hemolytic anemia, megloblastic anemia, sideroblastic anemia
what anmeia is aasocatied with cabot ring inclusions megloblastic anemia and myelodysplastic syndrome
what anemia is heinz body associated with G6PD
what is the morphology of hereditary spherocyosis spherocytes, polychromasia, n-RBC (possible)
what is the morphology of hemolytic anemia in newborn increased n-RBC, macrocytic/normochromic
what is the morphology of immune hemolytic aneima spherocytes, schistocytes, polychromasia, n-RBC
what is the morphology of aplastic aneima pancytopenia, normocytic, normochromic
what is the morphology of megaloblastic aneima (triad abnornalities) oval macrocytes, hypersegmented, and H-J bodies
what is the morphology of the non megaloblastic aneima round macrocytes, leukocytes, and platelet counts usually normal
Beta- thalassemia major morphology increased n-RBC, microcytes, hypochromasia, target cells, basophilic stippling, many tear drops, many schistocytes, polychromasia
thalassemia minor morphology microcytosis, slight hypochromasia, target cells, basophilic stippling
IDA morphology hypochromic and microcytic
hgb C crystal morphology target cells, spherocytes, microcytes, polychromasia
hgb sickle cell morphology sickle cells, target, n-RBC, schistocytes, H_ body, baso stippling, polychromasia,
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