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Ch. 1, 2, & 3 Para

Book 1: Paramedic Care Principles & Practice

Description of Profession * Highest level of pre-hospital care * Provide emergency medical care in out-of-hospital setting * Appropriate licensing required * Can only practice under an EMS director * Quality healthcare at a reasonable cost * ALWAYS advocate for the patient
Paramedic additional responsibilities * Public education * Health promotion * Injury/Illness prevention programs
A True Professional * Always trying to earn acceptance as a healthcare professional * Committed to growing after the program is finished * Actively participate in design, development, evaluation and publication of research
Cross-training: Paramedic/Police Officer * Patient is 1st priority. Another officer must handle legal side. * PATIENT CARE IS NUMBER ONE!!!
Paramedic Curriculum that brought EMS to a higher level 1998 EMT-Paramedic: National Standard Curriculum. (framework for this textbook)
Essential aspect of the health profession Professional ethics (standards of honorable behavior) and etiquette (good manners)
Paramedic Non-traditional roles * Critical Care Transport * Primary Care * Industrial Medicine * Sports Medicine
Critical Care Transport * Critically ill patients being relocated * Special "critical care" vehicle with more sophisticated tools * Virtually ALL capabilities of the hospital ICU
"Critical Care" Responsibilities * Advanced airway management * Ventilator management * Fluid & electrolyte therapy * Advanced pharmacology * Specialized monitoring * Inaaortic balloon pumps * etc...
Industrial Medicine * Primary providers on oil rigs & movie sets & other industries * Paramedics in these roles are trained specifically for the industry * + employee safety, - time lost at work
Sports Medicine * Paramedics work well with Athletic trainers * Paramedics in this role are trained for the specific sport * Focus on injury prevention
Core Elements of Physical Fitness * Muscular strength * Cardiovascular endurance (aerobic capacity) * Flexibility
Isometric Exercise Performed against stable resistance. Muscles are exercised in motionless manner.
Isotonic Exercise Muscles worked through the full range of motion
Muscular Strength * Isometric Exercise: against stable resistance. Motionless manner. * Isotonic Exercise: muscles worked through full range of motion. * Weight lifting: Rotate upper body, chest & back, lower body. * Ab exercises DAILY.
Cardio Endurance * At LEAST 3 days per week * Vigorous: meet target heart rate. * DAILY habit
Flexibility * You NEED adequate range of motion for muscles and joints to be safe * Stretch DAILY, 60 seconds each. * NEVER bounce when stretching (micro-tears in muscles) * Stretching prevents/reduces back pain
Created by: LMNOP