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Science first

What is a prediction about a problem that can be tested? Hypothesis
What is a term for drawing conclusions based on something you observe? infer
What is the factor being measured in an expieriment? Variable
What is the first step to the scientific method? Regonize the problem
What is the last step in the scientific method? Draw conclusion
What must scientist base their conclusions on to avoid being impartial? evidence
What should be worn at all times during lab to decrease the likelihood of causing eye injurys? Safety Goggles
What type of footwear is required in a lab? hard sole, covered shoe
Which is the correct way to hold a test tube while heating its contents? pointing away from yourself and others
Why should taste never be used to test the identity of an unknown chemical? Many chemicalsare poisonous
A beaker contains XL of water.What is the volume of water in milliliters?Be able to do conversions. x=3 (3000 ml)
At what tempature does water boil in the metric system? 100 degrees celcious
Convert X gramsto kilograms.Be ableto do conversions. X=750 (0.75kg)
Givin a diagram, what is the volume of liquid in the graduated cylinder? Be sure that you measure the volume of the liquid from the bottom of the miniscus.
How many centimeters are in a meter? KHDuDCM 100
How many meters are in a kilometer? KHDuDCM 1000
How many millimeters are in a meter? KHDuDCM 1000
What are you measuring when you measure something in meters cubed? volume
What is the amount of space taken up by an object? volume
What is the standard unit for length in the metric system? meter
What is the standard unit for mass in the metric system? kilogram
What is the unit for volume in the metric system? liter
What property of an object is measured in grams? mass
Which unit of length is the best to measure the length of your pencil? centimeter
How are electrons in an atom organized? In energy levels
What are the particles that make up an atom? Protons,Neutrons,electrons
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