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ER IIA: Ch 28

Ecce Romani IIA: Chapter 28 Vocab

mane early in the day
crines hair
eius her
curabant they were taking care of
quarum gen. p. f. - of whom
duae two
speculum mirrir
pectebant was combing
nelegenter adv. carelessly
tremebat was tremebling
earum their
vexata annoyed f. adj.
estis you (pl.) were
Abite you (pl.) go away!
vocate you (pl.) call!
mecum with me
ducere to lead/take
mox now
ineo, inire to go into; to enter
quosdam indef. pronou. - certain (pl.)
quibus whom
eam her
praeclari famous (pl.)
pocrum pig
emit brought - emo, emere
in animo in mind
ipsa herself
mercator merchant
cuius indef. pronou. - whose
taberna shop
procul far off
glives doormouse
optimos best
solet he is in the habit of
invitavit he invited
exspecta you (s.) look out for; wait for
atrio main room; atrium
vis you (s.) want
iubebo I will order
sella sedan chair
ianuam door
interea meanwhile
heri yesterday
venire to come *****
lecticarii litter bearers
pes, pede foot
conduxi bought together
cogabatit he was thinking
hic here
quendam a certain