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My psych test for DEV psych

Changes in an individuals understanding of themselves and of other behavior. Psychosocial Development
Preschool years crisis/conflict (age 3-6) Initiative vs Guilt
Ask preschoolers to describe themselves and and answering with "I'm a good runner," relates to their... Self-Concept
Orientation that promotes interdependence (usual in Asian societies) Collectivistic Orientation
Orientation that emphasizes uniqueness (normal in Western cultures) Individualistic Orientation
The phenomenon where children from minorities show preferences of the majority Race dissonance
The process in which a child attempts to be similar as their same sex parent. Identification
A perception of a preschooler as male or female. Gender identity
Cognitive framework that organizes information relevant to gender. Gender schema
Awareness that people are permanently males or females according to fixed biological factors. Gender Constancy
Having both personality traits of males and females. Androgynous
Lack of understanding that other people have different perspectives. Egocentrism
Psychologist very against rigorous early education. David Elkind
Who benefits most from preschool programs? Disadvantaged children
Aggression in preschool is often... Goal oriented
Parenting style where parent is rigid, cold, punitive, and controlling. Authoritarian
Parenting style where parent is indifferent, rejecting in behavior. Uninvolved
Parenting style where parent is firm, setting clear rules and consistent limits. Authoritative
Parenting style where parent is lax and inconsistent with feedback. Permissive
Created by: smoore019