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nitrogen makes up 78% of our atmosphere
oxygen makes up 21% of our atmosphere
greenhouse effect makes up 1% of our atmosphere
common greenhouse gasses water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane
causes of greenhouse gasses cars and trucks landfills animal respiration volcanoes livestock farts deforestation forest fires ocean water evaporation***
atmosphere layer of gasses that surrounds the earth
troposphere lowest level- all weather takes place
stratosphere third level-contains o-zone which absorbs harmful ultra-violet rays from the sun
mesosphere 2nd level-most meteors that enter the atmosphere burn up here
thermosphere highest level- here, the atmosphere meets with outer space
density amount of mass in the amount of volume
evaporation when liquid water changes to a gas when heated by the sun
transpiration when water is evaporated through plants
condensation when water as a gas changes back to a liquid
precipitation when liquid water falls back down to the earth
air pressure
relative humidity
dew point
cirrus cloud
cumulus cloud
stratus cloud
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