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CH3 Anatomy

CH3 Anatomy Test

Lysosomes Animal Cells; Helps digest food and break down damaged or old organelles
Rough ER Found in animal and plant cells ;produces and makes protiens produces in cell membrane
Centriole aid in cell division
Chloroplast found in plants. Uses sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to make sugars for autotrophic cells.
Smooth Er makes lipids
Transport Vesicle Carries synthesized protein to Golgi Apparatus
Cell Wall Found in plant cells. Outside of the cell membrane provides structure, protection and support. Keeps certain cells from drying out
Central Vacuole Maintains pressure and supports weight. Regulates water. And possibly gets rid of wastes?
Ribosomes small structure that makes proteins for the cell. Found free floating or on the surface of the Rough Er
Mitochondria Power house of a cell. Makes ATPase. Energy for the cell
Cilia Move back and forth Hair like projections on the cell surface
Flagella Think of the tail of a sperm. Wavy movement
Nucleolus Found in the center of the nucleus, it contains large amounts of RNA and is responsible for making ribosomes.
Cytoplasm The fluid-like material inside the cell membrane, it doesn't include the nucleus or organelles inside the cell.
Differences between Eukaryotic cells and Prokaryotic cells EUK-Newer, more complex, have organelles Pro-opposite of that stuff
Cell membrane is made up of what? Lipids and proteins.
Nuclear Envelope Nucleus is bordered by a double membrane called _______.
Chromatin Nucleus contains _______(DNA wrapped around proteins)
Cytoskelaton A network of protein filaments that help mantain shape and aid movement
Phospholipid Bilayer 2 layered membrane
Phospholipid Hydrophonic Head and 2 Hydrophobic fatty acids(tails)
Created by: erikmurphy