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2-October 10, 2011

Intro Unit 1 Objectives

Discuss essential aspects of the practical nursing role Control noise and odor, provide safe environment, prevent fire amd burns
List ways the nurse can help patient adapt to the patient roll Ask patient needs or concerns, accomidate wishes, discuss perevios illness and hospital stays
Identify guidelines that will asses the nurse conveying values to patients Dress neat, keeps hair off sholders, speak english (no slang), fingernails cut short, cover tattoos, do not talk down to patient
Define values and ethics as it relates to nursing care values are something of worth, a beliefe held dear to a person. Ethics are moral principals of a patient
Discuss the role of the nurse in patients rights follow HIPPA regulations, pt treatment choices, sensitive to culture, race, religion, provide respectful care
Relate the principals of Maslow's Hierarchy as it aplies to this level Patient has safety needs and physical needs. Need to feel safe and loved in some aspect. You need food and water to survive
Identify content of a patient's unit Be provided a safe and clean environment
State the responsibilities of the nurse in environmental managment Call light should be in reach at all times, keep funiture out of patients way,lock all beds and wheelchairs, ect.
Explain methods to maintain patients privacy Pull curtain, exspose the last amount of skin possible, do not talk about patient
Discuss precautions to safeguard patients saftety Know where the exit's are, fire pull stations, and stairs
Describe characteristics of a safe comfortable physical envorinment Keep room temperature between 68-72*F, have enough space, natural and artifical light should be present, provide ventalation
Discuss the difference between medial can surgical asepsis Medical asepses is a clean tech., and surgical asepses is a sterial tech.
Outline the method by which most organisms are transmitted 1.Infectious agent: organisms need to start somewhere 2.Reservior: holding area (people) 3.Portal of Exit: leave a person (Respetory, GI 4.Mode of transportation: (Direct contact, Air, Fomite, Vector)5. Portal of Entry:enter a person. 6. Susceptible Host
List nursing measures to prevent the spread of organisms Wash hands, Standard precaution, Put needles in sharps container.
Identify appropriate situations for handwashing When coming into a patients room, when leaving a patients room, touching contaminated items,secreations,excreations except sweat.
State purposes and procedures for correct handwashing To provent spread of microorganisms from patients and nurses. Was hands for 15-30 seconds, front to back with friction
Explain the importance on implementing standar precautions designed to reduce the risks of transmitting microorganisms from reconized and unreconized sources
State appropriate techniques involved in the use of standard precautions Wash hands, wear clean gown,gloves, mask. handle equiptment with care, and handle touching the linen with care so soild linen does not touch clothes
State the appropiate techniques involved in the use of standard precautions Wash hands, wear clean gloves,Wear a mask,Wear clean non-sterile gown, Handle pt care equiptment that is soiled carefully to prevent the transfer of micoorganisms, Handle transport and process linen that is soiled carefully, and prevent injuried from used
Relate the different catagories of iscolation All different types of iscolation catagories you still use standard precautions
State the appropriate procedure for initiating and maintaining iscolation If pt has disease or think pt has disease put pt in private room. Tell pt why they need to be in private room as well as pts family. Isolation cart outside of room. Standard precautions should be taken and also presautions depending on what kind of diseas
Discuss nursing interventions to meet psychologial needs of the pts in isolation Talk to family and have them come in in and visit. Sit with pt
Define termonology as it relates to medical asepsis Practices that limit the transission of microorganisms (clean technique
State guidlines for safe and efficient body movements Bend at knees, always face direction in which you are working, work on smooth surface,reconixe the sistuation, distribute work load evenly, avoid leaning and stretching
Demonstrate correct body mechanics when assisting a pt to move put one foot infront of the other, have one foot facing pt and the other foot facing where pt is going,us legs not back (body machanics)
State two expected outcomes of using proper body machanics Increase stability, greater comfort for nurse and pt
Identify individaul pieces of linen used in bed making Mattress pad, bottom sheet, draw sheet,top sheet,blanket,pillow ca\ses
Describe different types of beds avalible by theripeutic purposes Air fluidized, low air loss, kinetic therapy, critical care therapy
State safety precaustions relating to bedmaking make sure no rinkles in bed to prevent bed sores,nurse does not experience stress on back or joints
Created by: bjbert