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port verbs

abrir to open
achar to think, to guess, to find
ajudar to help
andar to be doing something, to walk
apanhar to take / to catch / to get
aprender to learn
assinar to sign
chegar to arrive
deixar (de) to leave behind, to let, (to stop doing something)
descer to go down, to descend
desculpar-se to forgive
dizer to say / to tell
dormir to sleep
escrever to write / to spell
estar to be (temporary)
estudar to study
falar to speak
fazer to do / to make
fechar to close
ficar to be located, to stay
ficar com to keep, to stay with
gostar de to like
ir to go
ler to read
melhorar to better / to improve
morar to live
olhar to look (at)
parecer to seem / to look like
pedir to ask (for smething)
perceber [eu] to understand
perguntar to ask (questions)
poder can, to be able to
pôr to put
precisar to need
preferir to prefer
responder to answer
saber to know (skills)
sair to leave / to go out
ser to be (permanent)
sentar(-se) to sit down
sentir to feel
subir to go up / to climb
ter (de) to have (to)
trabalhar to work
trazer to bring
trocar to change / to exchange
usar to use
ver to see, to watch
viajar to travel / to commute
vir to come
voltar (a+other verb) to come back /(to do again)
voar to fly
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