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Finals Verbos

Verbos (0-4)

to like a lot, to love adorar
to eat lunch almoçar
to go, to ride a bicycle andar (de bicicleta)
to walk caminhar
to arrive chegar
to buy comprar
to talk, to converse conversar
to cost custar
to dance dançar
to rest descansar
to listen escutar
to study estudar
to speak falar
to stay, to be located ficar
to like gostar de
to eat dinner jantar
to live (to reside) morar
to research pesquisar
to practice practicar
to need precisar
to look for procurar
to get (grades), to take out tirar
to take, to drink tomar
to take notes tomar notas
to work trabalhar
to use usar
to surf surfar
to visit visitar
to open abrir
to rent alugar
to learn aprender
to enjoy, to take advantage of aproveitar
to watch (B), to attend (an event) assistir
to drink beber
to sing cantar
to begin começar
to celebrate comemorar
to eat comer
to understand compreender
to run correr
to do commonly costumar
to decide decidir
ought to, should dever
to discuss, to argue discutir
to lose weight emagrecer
to gain weight engorder
to write escrever
to wait esperar
to read ler
to swim nadar
to leave (depart) partir
to order (at a restaurant) pedir
to catch pegar
to want querer
to receive receber
to have ter
to end, to finish terminar
to play (an instrument), to touch tocar
to sunbathe tomar sol
to see ver
to travel viajar
to think (to have an opinion) achar
to marry, to get married casar
to cover cobrir
to compete competir
to agree concordar
to know, to meet conhecer
to discover descobrir
to say, to tell dizer
to sleep dormir
to do, to make fazer
to make the bed fazer a cama
to play (game, sport) jogar
to lie mentir
to deserve merecer
to hear ouvir
to spend (time) passar
to think pensar
to ask for pedir
to be able to, can poder
to put pôr
to set the table pôr a mesa
to prefer preferir
to react reagir
to repeat repetir
to leave, to go out sair
to follow seguir
to feel sentir
to serve servir
to bring trazer
to wear vestir
to live viver
to return voltar
to associate associar
to compare comparar
to share compartilhar
to complete completar
to correct corrigir
to describe descrever
to interview entrevistar
to choose escolher
to indicate indicar
to justify justificar
to mark marcar
to obtain obter
to ask a question preguntar
to prepare preparar
to answer responder
to know saber
to try tentar
to exchange trocar
to check, to find out verificar
Created by: jlanding
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