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C.T. Chars

Canterbury Tales Characters

a most distinguished man, who from the day on which the first began to ride abroad had follow chivalry, truth, honor, generousness and courtesy; "and though so much distinguished he was wise and in his beginning modest as a made" Knight
"a lover and cadet, a lad of fire with locks as curly as if they were pressed."; He was embroidered like a meadow bright and full of freshest flowers. Red and white; gets women; can dance, sing, write poems Squire
A servant "wore a coat and hood of green, ..." hung at his belt he bore a mighty bow. Face was brown. He wore a brace on his arm; Had a sword and shield; Had a medal of St. Christopher; proper Yeoman
now as Madam Egylantyne; spoke daintily in French; "French in the Paris style she did not know;" She was not wasteful or greed; very clean; entertaining; pleasant' friendly; charitably solicitous; love on her arm; fat; phoney; eyes are gray (no heart) Nun
"The finest sort;" hunted; manly; dainty horses; old/strict he ignored; let go by the things of yesterday; held a text; studied often; good man; had grayhounds; shiny bald head; had a gold pin; eyes never settled; liked roasted swan; was not pale Monk
A festive fellow; very mellow; fixed merry marriages; qualified to hear concessions; had something special from the pope; sang songs; knew the taverns well Friar
Had a multicolor dress; bearer hat; seemed to be rich, really in debt Merchant
Seems poor; horse is thin as a rake; isn't fat; is to unworldly to search for a secure job; prefers books over food; to the point; gladly teaches and learns Oxford Cleric
Discrete; sayings were wise; had wore many a robe and feel; took absolute possession of everything' was less busy than he seemed; wore homely colored coat. Lawyer
cheerful; lavish, sanguine; rutty completion; land owner; kind; generous; loves cake; giving; loves pleasure; had fine food; wealthy Franklin
sold men's clothing/accessories; a carpenter; a weaver; a carpet maker; had a clean appearance; seems like a worthy citizen; has wisdom Guildsmen
makes excellent food; had ulcer on his knee; white food Cook
lives to drink; mean; unmerciful; steals wine; came from Dorthmouth; rode a farmers horse; wore a wool gown; ignored rules; dagger hung from neck; tanned; sank enemy vessels; his prisoners walked the plank; barge named Maudelayne Skipper
expert of surgery/medicine; used astrology to help patients; knew the cause of every malady; gave medicine on the spot; had pharmacists; had a strict diet; didnt read bible; wore red clothing; loved gold Doctor
worth women from beside Bath City; Somewhat deaf; good at making cloth better than ypres/Ghent; no woman dared stir towards the alter steps in front of her; kerchiefs were finely woven; had 5 husbands; had gap in teeth (promiscuous); knew old dances Wife of Bath
charitable; admirable; holy minded man; poor but rich in holy thought and work; a clerk; liked giving to poor from church offerings' never denied helping; believes priest should set good example; doesnt agree to do anything for money Parson
the Parson's brother; smelled like dung; honest worker; loved god with heart and mind; repined at no misfortune; slacked for no content; helped the poor; never took a penny; paid his dues Plowman
sixteen-stone(224 lbs); could wrestle; broad; wart on his nose; wide nostrils; sword by his side; told filthy tavern stories; stole grain; played bag pipe Miller
from inner temple; bought victuals; never rash worker; bought credit or cash; Manciple
thin; choleric; shaved beard; lean; always prompt in paying back debts; under contract; better at bargaining than his master; could judge by drought/rain how the crop is; rich but hid it;rode a horse named Scot; wore a bluish overcoat; came from Norfolk Reeve
had a red face, skin blemishes, dark eyebrows, thin beard; he scared children; loved garlic, onions, leeks, red wine; gets drunk and shouts in latin; stalls issues Summoner
Sang harmonies; had hair yellow as wax down to his shoulders; had bulging eyes; holy relic on cap; had a small voice, smooth chin; special pillow case; Pardoner
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