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HIT 72


Express consent Refers to consent that is communicated through words, regardless of whether those words are written or spoken.
Implied consent Refers to consent for medical treatment that is communicated by action or facts
Intervention In medicine: Is usually under taken to help treat or cure a condition. ex. early intervention may help children w. autism to spear.
Informed consent Whether given orally or in writing, a patient's consent should be informed
Another informed consent Communication between the physician and the patient is a key element of informed consent
Advance directives Is a legal document that specifies an individual's healthcare wishes in the event that he or she has a temporary or permanent loss of competence.
DPOA-HCD (HCD=Healthcare decisions) It is sometimes referred to as a medical power of attorney or a healthcare proxy.
DPOA-HCD Is a legal instrument through which a principal appoints an agent to make healthcare decision on the principles behalf in the event the principal become incapacitated.
Living will Is a document executed by a competent adult that expresses that individual's wishes to limit treatment measures when specific health-related diagnoses or conditions exist and the individual cannot communicate on his or her own behalf.
CPR Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
DNR - Do not Resuscitate A specific type of advance directive in which an individual states that healthcare providers should not perform CPR if th eindividual experiences cardiac arrest or cessatin of breathing
Revoke a DNR Individuals have the right to revoke a DNR order at any time.
PVS Persistent vegetative state
Surrogate 代理 consent Laws that automatically permit spouses or adult children and siblings to provide legal consent on behalf of an incompetent 不称职individual.
Emancipated 解放 minors Are those who have been afforded legal status as an adult, generally by a situational change such as marriage.
Venereal disease 性病 sexually transmitted disease.
Good Samaritans Persons who go out of their way to perform acts of kindness to others, especially strangers.
Capacity Indicates that an individual is mentally competent and is in control of himself or herself.
DPOA Is a POA that remains in effect even after the principal is incapacitated 无行为能力
Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare decisions Authorizes an individual (agent) to make peronal health care decisions if the authorizing individual (principal) becomes incapacitated
Emancipated minors Are those who have been afforded legal status as an adult, generally by a situational change such as marriage.
Types of consent forms There are three main types of consent forms: general, short, and long forms
General consent form Signed upon admissin, for general medical treatment, gneral diagnostic procedures, routine hospital, care and nursing services (routine touching). Not a evidence of consent to major procedures
Short consent form Acknowledge of that explanation of risks benefits, and alternatives have been explained. A witness must sign the short form acknowledge the information that was explained.
Long consent form Is a consent form that includes all of the informed consent requirements included in the Common Rule. Outside of research, long consent form should be used when a proposed medical intervention is particularly high risk, invasive, or experimental.
Health record Is the healthcare team's primary reference and communication tool. Another purpose of the health record is to provide proof of services rendered for reimbursement, plus to prove the quality and efficacy of care rendered by the healthcare provider.
Created by: Lilyn Ta