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Lab Values

Lab values from ATI etc

Sodium 135 to 145
Normal INR and Coumadine INR normal 1-2 on Coumadine 2-3
Rhematoid Factor Norm and Risk + for RA 1:40 to 1:60 Normal less than or equal to 1:20 positive for RA
Calcium 9 to 10.5
Normal aPtt and Heparine aPtt 20 to 30 normal heparin 45 to 90
Magnesium 1.2 to 2.1
Legal Blindness 20/200
Phosphorus 3 to 4.5
Albumin 3.5 to 5
Intraoccular Pressure 10 to 21
Glomular Filtration Rate 120 to 125 ml/hr Use creatine clearance test to determine
Digoxin therapeutic index 0.8 to 2.0
Normal PT and Coumadine PT 11.5 to 13.5, coumadine prolongs
BUN 7-21
Creatine 0.6 to 1.2
RBC 4. to 5.5 women on the low side, men on the high side
HGB Women 12-16 Men 14-18
ICP 1-20
AST 7 to 42
ALT 1-45
ALP 30 to 120
Mechcanical Vent Cuff pressure, check how often less than 20, check Q8
Platelet 150 to 450
Troponin T Less than 0.2ng/l First elevate 3to5 hr post MI stay elevated for 14 to 21 day
Troponin I less than 0.03, First elevate 3hr post MI Stay elevated for 7 to 10 days
Myoglobin less than 90 first elevate 2 hours post MI Stay elevated for 24 hours
CK-MB 30 to 170 first elevate for 4 to 6 hours stay elevated for 3 days BEST indicator of MI
Mechcanical Heart Valve...pt must take what anticoagulant
Sinus Tach greater than 100
BNP levels normal to severe HF less than 100 normal HF present at 100 to 300 mild HF at 300 to 600 Moderate 600 to 900 Severe (greater than 900)
C reactive Protein (risk for CVD) <1 low risk for CVD >3 high risk for CVD
MAP Greater than 60
QRS in Normal Sinus 0.04 to 0.10
PR interval 0.12 to 0.20
Defib at what Joules 200, 300, 360
PSA normal is less than 4
BUN/creatine Ratio increases with Renal dz dehydated pt high protein diet
Specific Gravity 1.001 to 1.040
Specific gravity increases more conc urine decreased water intake increased ADH (pee less) Decreased renal perfusion
Specifc Gravity decreases Less conc urine Renal Dz (failure) DI HIgh fluid intake
Fetal HR 110 to 160
Nagele Rule First day of LMP add 7 days Subtract 3 mo add one year
Blood transfuse what size IV 18 to 19 guage
WBC 4.5 to 11
Amylase Normal 30 to 110 Increases (2 to 3 times) with in 12 hour of pancreatitis,
Lipase Increase 2 to 3 times with pancreatitis Rises slower than amylase Stays elevated for 2 weeks
Amylase and Lipase are also elevated with Pancreatic Cancer
Antigen specific for pancreatic cancer Carinoembroyonic antigen
Mental Retardation IQ less than 70
Newborn Respiration 30 to 60
Heart Rate for Newborn 100 to 160 Apical for full minute listen at 4th ic space
Normal newborn temp 97.7 to 99
Hypoglycemia in newborn less than 40 to 50
Contraction stress test you want a "negative" result means no late decels in test Postive means late decels present durign test, newborn will not tolerate labor well
Non stress test You want Reactive: 2 acels within 20 min, moderate variabity, HR within 110 to 160, no decels
Fetal lung maturity 2 things a ratio and what else present with mature lungs Lecithin/sphingomyelin 2:1 ratio equals lungs mature Phosphatidylguierol (PG) presence indicates mature lungs; not present equals risk for resp distress
Blood osmolartiy 270 to 300
Triglycerides should be less than 150
LDL ideally less than 100
HDL ideal greater than 60
Protien in serum 6 to 8
1 hour glucose in pregnancy, high reading is greater than 140
HGB during pregnancy 9 to 11 normal don't transfuse to 6 or 7
Fetal blood Ph 7.25 normal, less than 7.20 requires intervention
Fetal Sp02 30 to 70
Bilirubin in a newborn day 1 0 to 6 day 2 less than 8 day 3 less than 12
Nitrazine paper Rupture + am fluid if blue/grey - am fluid if yellow or green
1 little box 0.04 seconds
1 big box 0.2 seconds (5 little box)
ST elevation or depresion no more than 2 little boxes above or below isoteric line
LDH nonspecfic martker for Heart attack
irreg rythme measure how to determine R to R
T wave height no more than 2 little boxes (??)
Tall tented T waves hyperkalemia
Widen QRS v tach
Saw tooth A flutter
icteric yellow color (jaundiced)
phenytoin (dilantin) 10 to 20
hba1c norm 4 to 6 ref DM goal <7
1 serving of carb 15g (half of a cup for OJ), 8oz milk
hypoglycemia is less than 70
hyperglycemia greater than 250
during hyperglycemia, when bg less than 250, switch IV to 0.45% NS plus 5% dextrose
hyperglycemia monitor K,insulin brings potassium back into cell, so potasium may drop
acidosis and potassium hyperkalemia
alkalosis and potassium hypokalemia
potassium rate IV less than 20meq per hour MAX MAX RECOMMENDED 5 to 10 meq/hour, if greater than this put on cardiac monitor
infection can cause stress can cause (with relation to BG hyperglycemia
Parkland formula 4ml (lactated ringers) X BS% burned X KG = XXXX within 8 hr of burn 1/2 of XXXX next 8 hours 1/4 of XXXX next 8 hours 1/4 of XXXX
Lithium 0.6 to 1.2 is the therapuetic index toxic at 1.5, life threat at 2
ammonia greater than >110 concerning
bilirubin is elevated at 1
TSH norm .2-5.4
t4 5 to 12
t3 80 to 230
pre prandial bg goal is 90 to 130
post prandial bg goal is less than 180
aminoglycosides are renal toxic, ototox
gentamycin is a aminoglycoside
sulfa drugs do not give to prego women near tear, bfeeding, or infant less than 2 mo (increases jaundice), Blood dyscrasias, hypersen
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