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Katie's Science


The huge rocks that make up Earth's crust can _______________________. Move
Rocks below ground can bend when they ____________________________ each other. Slide past
Rocks below ground can press against other rocks and ___________________________. pull apart
Rocks that bend can ___________________ and cause sudden movement snap back
A sudden movement of rocks in Eath's crust is an _______________________________. earthquake
An earthquake can be ________________ or very strong weak
The land ______________________ or shakes, during an earthquake. vibrates
During an earthquake, vibrations travel as ________________ in all directions. waves
A mountain around an opening in Earth's crust is a __________________________. volcano
Melted rock is called ________________ when it is in the Earth's crust and mantle. magma
Melted rock that flows through an opening in the crust is called ________________________ lava
A volcanic _________________________ forms when lava, rocks, and ash pile up in layers mountain
Lava can ____________________ from a volcano, or it can explode out of it. ooze
The force that pulls on all objects, including rocks, is called _________________________ gravity
When rocks and soil move downhill very fast, a ___________________________ occurs. landslide
A river that overflows can cause a _________________ on land that is usually dry. flood
How can earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, and floods change the shape of coastlines? they can destroy land, change the shape of land, and also create new land
The slow process of breaking down rocks into smaller pieces is called weathering
The movement of weathered rock, sometimes cause by water or wind is called ____________________ erosion
seven great land areas continents
The layer below the Earth's crust Mantle
Canyon on the ocean floor trench
Earth's outermost layer crust
A natural feature of land landform
The deepest and hottest layer of earth core
Which of the following can suddenly change the land on Earth? A. weathering B. glacier C. earthquake D erosion C. earthquake
All of the following may cause erosion except: A. sunlight B Water C wind D glaciers A sunlight
How would you explain a canyon to someone else a crack in the earth that is deep
Large bodies of salt water oceans
What are 4 examples of quick or fast changes to the land? 1. landslide 2. flood 3. earthquake 4. volcano
What are 4 things that can cause erosion? 1.gravity 2. glacier 3. wind 4. water
What landform will you drive around? canyon because a car can't go through it.
Draw a picture of the Earth's layers Crust, mantle, and core
Created by: mlink09