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Mr Mac Metric Units

Metric Measurement

Metric Abbreviation. m meter
Metric Abbreviation. L liter
Metric Abbreviation. g gram
Metric Abbreviation. km kilometer
Metric Abbreviation. kL kiloliter
Metric Abbreviation. mm millimeter
Metric Abbreviation. mL milliliter
Metric Abbreviation. daL dekaliter
Metric Abbreviation. cm centimeter
The "King Henry" saying helps us remember which metric prefixes? kilo, hecto, deka, -- deci, centi, milli
5m = ______ km .005km
5000m = _______ km 5km
5cm = ________ mm 50mm
60g = ______ L You CAN'T do it! you cannot switch base units... Cannot convert grams to liters. One measures volume the other mass.
674.56mm = ______ m .67456m
3.4dag = _______ dg 340dg
45kL = _______ mL 45,000,000mL
298g = ______kg .298kg
78cL = _______ daL .078daL
What is mass? The amount of matter in something.
What is mass and volume together? Density
What is volume? The amount of space that something has or takes up.
4kg = ______ g 4000g
9kL = ________ L 9000L
6km = _______ m 6000m
5kg = _______ dg 50,000dg
What is the measurement of the pull of gravity on matter? Weight
3mL = ___________ kL .000003kL
What is a meter? A metric unit. It is used when measuring distance or length.
What do you call the amount of space that something has or takes up. volume
Is a meter a piece of lab equipment? No. It is a unit of measurement.
What is mass? Mass is a word used for describing how much matter something has... Or how much matter is in something.
What is density? Density is the mass of something compared to it's volume.
What is weight? The force or pull of gravity on matter... Or the force or pull of gravity on something.
What tool is used for measuring force or weight? Scale (Spring Scale)
What tool is used for measuring mass? Balance (triple beam, pan or digital)
What is the base unit for time? Seconds
What is temperature? The average amount of molecular movement in a specific area of an object.
Moving from larger units to smaller units is the same a s multiplying. True or False TRUE
What is the base unit for temperature? Kelvin (But degrees Celsius is commonly used)
What is the freezing point of water in celsius? 0 degrees Celsius
What is the melting point of water in celsius? 0 degrees Celsius
What is the boiling point of water in celsius? 100 degrees Celsius
Created by: MrMac