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Aqua Midterm pt1

Aquascience Midterm: Aquaculture Background

What is the U.S. fish consumption per capita? 15 lbs.
What is the world fish consumption per capita? 28 lbs.
What % of seafood consumption is cultured? 25%
What is the value of the U.S. aquaculture industry? $1 billion
What is the value of the U.S. catfish industry? $490 million
What % of the major ocean species are exploited to some degree? 70%
What is "The maximum level at which a natural resource can be exploited without long-term depletion"? Maximum Sustainable Yield
What is the world population? 7 billion
What country leads in aquaculture production? %? China 60%
What % of aquaculture product is produced in the U.S? 3%
What is the most successful aquaculture product in the U.S? catfish
What is "the crop thrives in saltwater of various temperatures"? mariculture
When and where did aquaculture begin? 3500 B.C. China
What is "growing one or more species in the same water"? polyculture
Where did tilapia culture begin? Egypt
The earliest aquaculture studies in the U.S. dealt with what fish? catfish
What was the impact of the National Aquaculture Act of 1980? made aquaculture a national priority
Created by: 100000203620215