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skeleton 2/

the primary bones of the upper body

how many vertebra does the vertebral column contain? 31
how much is the vertebral column made of cervical vertebra? 7
how much is the vertebral column made of thoracic vertebra? 12
how much is the vertebral column made of sacral vertebra? 5
how much of the coccygeal vertebra is in the vertebral column? 2
the sacral vertebra is what together to form a solid unit? fused
what is ______ of the vertebra is the wedge-shaped structure that extends posteriorly from the vertebra. this structure is formed by bony plates, the lamina. (can be felt as a bump when you run your fingers down the spinal column) spinous(dorsal) process
the bony plates that form the spinous process lamina
failure of the lamina fusing will result in? spinal bifida
it leaves the spinal cord exposed and can lead to spinal cord damage. spinal bifida
___ extends laterally from either side of the vertebra. These processes serve as muscle attachments, and in the thoracic region, as attachments for the ribs. transverse process
is a solid round or oval structure which lies on the anterior aspect of the vertebra. body
how much is the vertebral column made of lumbar vertebra? 5
flat cartilaginous_____ are placed between the vertebral bodies to cushion the vertebra and reduce injury as the body moves around its environment. The central portion of these discs is filled with paste-like material. intervertebral discs
they attach the transverse processes to the body of the vertebra, completing the formation of the central hole in the vertebra, the vertebral foramen. pedicles
the spinal cord tunnels through the space that forms in the vertebral column vertebral canal
the final components of the vertebra are _____. The ___ of one vertebra forms a joint with the superior articular process of the next vertebra in line. superior and inferior articular process
the first of the cervical vertebra is ? the atlas
very flat vertebra forms the articulation with the occipital condyles of the skull, allowing you to move in and up-and-down fashion, as when you shake your head "yes" altas
the second cervical vertebra is what? axis
axis has a modified body called? dens
another name for dens odontoid process
the _____ extends into the atlas creating a pivot joint that allows the head to rotate side-to-side, as when you shake your head "no." odontoid process
the thoracic vertebra have an additional set of articular surfaces. rib facets
they are located on the transverse proces. Forms the posterior portion of the ribs rib facets
are the largest vertebra of the spinal column lumbar vertebra
these vertebra are big, have a single hole, and lack rib facets lumbar vertebra
five sacral vertebra fuse together during development to form a single solid unit___? sacrum
forming the posterior wall of the pelvis sacrum
forming the posterior wall of the pelvis sacrum
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