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Photosynthesis and what takes place

Autotrophs Also called producers, they make their own food. Make organic food molueclues from inorganic raw materials
Organic Molueclues All organic molueclues contain car bon and hyfrogen * formula for glucose=C6H12O6 * methane natural gass=CH4
Inorganic Molueclues dont contain Hydrogen or Carbon -water H2O -salt NaCl -carbon dixocide CO2
Autotrophs -plants -alge -any photosythenic bacteria
Heterotrophs -get energy from eating other organisms -depend on autotrophs for energy -consumers
Photosynthesis occur in the cloroplast of the cells of the mesophyll of the leaves of the plant
Stomato allow for gas extange carbon dixocide in and oxegen out
Roots absorb water and minerals from the soil,anchor plant to the ground, store energy
Stems conduct fluids from te roots to the leaves and back,support the leaves
Xylem tissue that conducts water and minerals up to the leaves
phloem tissue that conducts sugars back to roots
Flowers the repoductive organs of thte plant
Formula for photosynthesis water+carbon dioxcide+(light)=glucose+oxegen H2O+CO2+(light)=+C6H206+O2
Photosynthetic Pigments Choloraphyl-green because reflects green light (like in plants) Cratenoids-yellow orange pigments because they reflect yellow light
Created by: horseworld