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Diseases S+S

Pathophysiology of common diseases.

Define measles. An acute, highly communicable viral disease caused by morbilivirus.
What are signs and symptoms of measles? Rash beginning on the face and spreads to the appendages. Fever of 38C or greater. Koplik spots- small irregular red spots with bluiesh-white speck in the center on the buccal mucosa. Photosensitivity. General cold-like symptoms.
What is hemmorhagic measles? When the macules haemorrhage into the skin.
What is the best defence against measles? Immunization.
What are the symptoms of mesenteric adenitis? Occurs in younger people. Pain felt in right iliac fossa region. Often preceded by URTI or tonsilitis. Some nausea + vomiting. Flushed with high temp. Minimal guarding or rigidity. Psoas, orbturater test - usually negative.
What are the symptoms of appendicitis? Normally occurs in older people. Site of pain usually starts around the umbulicus - shifts to right. Preceding illness uncommon. Nausea + vomiting. Pale, slightly raise temp. Guarding, possible rigidity. Positive psoas/obturator tests.
Created by: boermedic