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Vocab Set 3

Global history set 3

Balance of Power distribution of military and economic powers among rival nations so that one nation does not have more power than its neighbors or other nations.
Constitutional Monarchy system of government in which the power of the king or queen is limited or defined by the legislature or parliamentary body.
Czar title of the Russian Emperor; also spelled tsar
Dictatorship system of government in which one person or one party rules the government with absolute control.
Enlightenment Despot absolute ruler who bases decisions on the Enlightenment ideas; uses absolute power to begin social changes.
Fascism political philosophy that glorifies the nation over the individual. A dictator has complete control, suppresses all opposition, promotes a policy of extreme nationalism and racism, and has no regard for democracy.
Hierarchy group of people or things arranged or organized by rank or level of importance.
Ideology system of beliefs or ideas that guide a nation or group of people.
Liberalism political philosophy supporting social changes, democracy and personal freedom.
Limited Monarchy system of government in which the king’s powers are not absolute but specically guided by a constitution or legislative body.
Mandate of Heaven belief in ancient China that the Emperor received the authority to rule from heaven (God), and in return, the people owed complete obedience to the ruler; divine right theory.
Matriarchy system in which ancestry is traced through the mother and her descendants.
Nation-State political state that developed in Western Europe at the end of the Middle Ages with the decline of feudalism. At that time, the strong monarchs of England and France united people of a common nationality who began to transfer their loyalty from the loc
Oligarchy form of government in which a small group or elite has power
Parliamentary system type of government in which representatives to the legislative branch of government (Parliament) are democratically elected by the people and the majority party in parliament selects a prime minister from their ranks. Parliament has supreme legislative p
Republic form of government in which the people choose their officials.
Samurai members of the Japanese warrior class during the medieval period
Sikhs people who live primarily in the Punjab area of Northern India; followers of a religion formed in the early 1500s that blends elements of Islam and Hinduism, rejects the caste system, and monotheistic.
Totalitarianism government in which one person or group controls all aspects of the political, economic, social, religious, educational and cultural life of the nation with no regard for individual rights.
Tyrant ruthless and unfair ruler in ancient Greece who gained power by force and established a one-man rule.
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