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Civics Vocab.

March 16

Mayor-Council Plan A form of gov't where power is divided between seperate legislative and executive branches
Council-Manager Plan The elected council or board and chief elected official are responisble for making policy
Ordinances The council acts as the city's large legislature, approves the city budget and passes city laws
Referendum A way for citizens to approve or reject a state or local law
Charter Schools Created to combat poor academic performance
Gerrymander An oddly shaped district designed to increase the voting strength of a particular group
Mayor The chief executive of a city gov't
Sheriff The head law-enforcement officer of a county or other civil subdivision of a state
Statutes A law enacted by a legislature
Board of Education An elected board having control over a school system
Alderman A member of a municipal legislative body
Health Department A division of a local or larger government responsible for the oversight and care of matters relating to public health
Lottery A gambling game or method of raising money for public schools
Licenses A document, plate, or tag that is issued as proof of official or legal permission
Annexation The act or an instance of being attached
State Agencies buisness that does gov't work ex. department of public instruction or DOT
Parks and Recreation Department deals with sports and cultural events for a community
Register of Deeds Office on a county or state level that keeps up with property transactions; marriage, birth, and death licenses
School Busing transporting kids to an area further away so schools are more diverse
State Income Tax State tax on your income
State Municipal Bonds gov't borrows money from people (with permission) for a specific purpose ex. school bond
Community Colleges a higher level of education to serve a specific community
Cooperative Extension agency that helps with agricultural need and home economics ex. how to grow tomatoes or can food
Grants and Aids Apply for money
Created by: Civics123