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Read 990 Vocab 6

Vocabulary from chapter 6, book 3

indelible permanent
ragtime a style of jazz music
prowess superior skill or ability
quantity words express numbers
perforations punched holes
yen unit of Japanese currency or money
cause-effect pattern series of details that relate to one another
paradoxical contradicts each other
precipitous extremely steep
Cretaceous period time in history after the dinosaurs marked by flowering plants
comparison explain the similarities between two or more things
enigma one who is puzzling
dissonant harsh or inharmonious
cavalier gentleman
ideology a set of beliefs or ideas
unfettered free or not tied down
obesity a body-mass index of more than 30
ethics rules that govern moral judgments & actions
Kibbutz communal living situation in Israel
odious a strong dislike or arousing distaste
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