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Lain E-H


Equi horses
erga + acc towards
ergo therefore
erro wander, make a mistake
es and, both
etiam also, even
etsi although
excipio receive, take, welcome
excito wake, rouse, excite
exemplum example
exilium exile
exercitus army
exitium ruin, destruction
exspecto wait for, expect
extra + acc outside, beyond
facinus crime, outrage, deed
feci I made/did
fallo deceive, cheat, escape one's notice
fama rumour, fame, glory
faveo favour, support
favi + dat lit:(___ is favouring to me)
fere nearly, about
felix happy, lucky, prosperous
tuli I carried
ferox fierce, cruel, brave
fero bear, carry, say
ferrum iron, sword
festino hurry
latus having carried
fidelis, fidele trustworthy, faithful, loyal
fides, fidei trust, faith, confidence, loyalty
fido trust, rely upon
filia daughter
filius son
finis end, boundary, pl=territory
fio become, be made, happen
fisus sum having trusted
falsus having cheated
feci I made
flamma blaze, flame, passion
fluminis rivers
fodio dig
foedus treaty, agreement
fortasse perhaps
fossus having dug
forte by chance
fortis brave, strong, bold
fortuna fate, luck fortune (good or bad)
fossa ditch
frango break, crush
frigus cold
frumentum corn, grain
fregi I broke
fuga an escape, flight
fugio flee, avoid
fractus having broken
fudi I poured
furor fury, rage, passion, madness
fundo pour, shed, rout
fusus having poured
gaudeo rejoice
gaudium joy, delight
gens, gentis people, race, family, tribe
genus, generis race, descent, birth, kind
gessi I waged war, wore, beared, managed (gero)
gratia facour, thanks, esteem
gestus having waged war
gratias ago give thanks, thank
gravis serious, heavy, painful
habeo have, hold, consider
habito live, dwell
hasta spear
haud not
heri yesterday
hiberna winter quarters
Created by: jagrose