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Latin's Not So..3/4

Latin's Not So Tough Levels 3 & 4 Vocabulary

puella/puellae girl
voco I call
puer pueri boy
do I give, I grant
agricola agricolae farmer
aqua aquae water
est he is, she is, it is, there is
femina feminae woman, wife
et and,also,even
silva silvae forest
insula insulae island
sunt they are, there are
laudo I praise
non not
ad to, near, toward, for, at
vita vitae life
porta portae gate
memoria memoriae memory
navigo I sail
sed but
fortuna fortunae fortune, chance, luck
via viae road, way, street
porto I carry
quid what (a question)
tuba tubae trumpet
ager field, territory
paro I prepare
amicus amici friend
specto I look at
natura naturae nature
campus campi field, plain
occupo I seize, I capture
cum along with, with
nauta nautae sailor
villa villae farmhouse, country house, villa
littera litterae letter (of the alphabet) if plural epistle, letter)
ubi where (a question)
filius son
patria patriae county, native land
filia filiae daughter
amicitia amicitiae friendliness, friendship
amo I love,I like
lingua linguae tongue, language
equus horse
poeta poetae poet
annus year
pugno I fight
terra terrae earth, land, country
gladius sword
provincia provinciae province
puellam girl
filium fillii son
amicum friend
puellas girls
filios sons
amicos friends
amamus we love, we like
protamus we carry
puellae of the girl
fili of the son
amici of the friend
legatus legati lieutenant, envoy
ludus game, play, school
appello I address, I call, I name
servus slave
nuntius messenger, message, news
nuntio I announce, I report
narro I relate, I tell
fama report, rumor, reputation
populus people, nation, tribe
regina queen
exspecto I await, I wait for
epistula epistulae letter, epistle
habito I live, I dwell
nunc now
fabula fabulae story
delecto I please
laboro I labor, I suffer, I am hard pressed
causa causae cause, reason
socius comrade, ally
digigentia diligentiae diligence, care
convoco I call together, I assemble, I summon
puellarum of the girls
filiorum of the sons
amicorum of the friends
amat he/she/it loves he/she/it likes
portat he carries
amant they love/they like
portant they carry
puellae (nom. plural) girls
filii sons
amici (nom. plural) friends
supero I surpass, I defeat
copia plenty, supply
in into, against, in,on
oppugno I attack
diu long, for a long time
vulnero I wound
fuga flight exile
iam now, already
tempto I try, I attempt
heri yesterday
servo I guard, I save, I keep
poena penalty, punishment
semper always
captivus captive
locus place, location, situation
audacia boldness, daring
hodie today
volo I fly
animus mind, spirit
cras tomorrow
carrus cart, wgon
amas you love, you like
portas you carry
in insula on the island
in ludo in the school
in insulis on the islands
in ludis in the schools
tuba on the trumpet
tubis on the trumpets ("by means of")
cum audacia with boldness
amatis you love, you like
portatis you carry
puellae (dative singular) to (or for) the girl
filio (dative singular) To (or for ) the son
amico(dative singular) to (or for) the friend
puellis (dative plural) to (or for) the girls
filiis (dative plural) to (or for) the sons
amicis (dative plural) to (or for) the friends
cura curae care, anxiety
sto I stand
saepe often
libero I set free, I free
interim meanwhile
cur why
demonstro I point out, I show
hora hour
postea after that time, afterward, thereafter
inopia want, lack, need, poverty
pecunia wealth, money
confirmo I strengthen, I encourage, I declare
tum then, at that time
clamo I shout
ambulo I stroll, I walk
male badly, insufficiently
numerus number, group
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