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Prior Mico Tests

a list of all the quiestions given on prior tests

you have isolated a bacterium that you belive to be on the causative agent of a new disease in frogs. How would you test the third of Koch's postulates? by injecting the bacteria into a healthy frog
microoganisms can be diveded into six sub-groups. in which sub-group would you find prions? prions are not in any of the sub-groups
what is the basic for the modern smallpox vaccine? cowpox virus
the first person to visualize individual mocrobial cells was? Antony van Leeuwenhoek
microoganisms that are eukaryotic, capable of carrying out photosynthesis, and not pathogenic to humans are foudn in which sub-group? algae
the X-ray diffraction studies by which of the following scientist concluded the DNA was a double helix? Rosalind Franklin
a virus is said to be naked when it lacks.. an envelope
the first person to use and antiseptic was___in 1865 Joseph Lister
The bacterial flagellum is a helical protein filament whose_____motor moves the cell in search of a more favorable environment. propeller like
extrachromosomal DNA in prokaryotic cells can be found in the form of: plasmids
which of the following cellular structures can be found in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells? ribosomes
all of the following are compounds of peptidoglycan EXCEPT: lipopolysaccharide (LPS)
the shape of a bacterial cell is determined and maintained by the: cell wall
penicillin controls the growth of bacterial by: Interfering with peptidoglycan synthesis
which of the following statements accutately describes bacterial ribosomes? they have a sedimention rate of 70s
endospores are typically found in the genus Clostridium
Bacterial with flagella all over their surface are said to be peritrichous
some bacteria can trasfer DNA to another cell using conjugations pili
Eukaryotic cells add rigidity to their plasma membrane by including what component in the membrane? sterols
osmosis most directly involves: water moving down a concentrations gradient
which of the following refers to the ability of a lens to distinguish adjacent objects as separate? resolution
a compound light microscope can allow one to clearly see objects no smaller than: a small bacterium
______wavelenghts of light will typically result in____resolution. shorter, better
when light bends as it passes through an object,______of the light has occured refraction
electron microscopes have a much better resolvoing power when compared to light microscopes because: electrons have shorter wavelenghtns than visable light
electron microscopes use____to focus the electron beam. electromagnets
during a properly executed gram stain, directly after addition of the ethanol decolorizer, gram positive cells will appear_____while gram negative cells with appear____ purple/colorless
which stain would be the best choice for detecting mycobacterium, the one responsible for tuberculosis and leprosy acid-fast stain
the stains used in the schaeffer-fulton endospore stain are: malachite green and spore safranin
bacterial endospores take up the_____stain, resulting in a ____color when the spores are viewed under the microscope. malachite green/ green
the type of cell reproduction in which a small, new cell develops from the suface of an existing cell and then separates from the parent cell is known as____and is the normal mode of replication in____ budding/yeast
which of the following choices best describes what is happening during stationaly phase? the number of newly generated cells is the same as the number of dying cells
a bacterial culture can be kept in the log phase of growth indefinitely with the help of chemostat
the toxic effects of the byproducts of oxygen metabolism are miticated by which if the following? catalase and nitrogenase
organisms that use CO2 as a soursce for carbon atoms are known as.. autotrophs
organisms such as____use structures called heterocysts to house their nitrogenase enzymes. cyanobacteria
Phosphours can only enter the bacterial cell as phosphate ion. Anything more complex would be too large to pass through the membrane. For this reason, bacteria must employ the use of____to allow for phosphorus uptake. phospatases
you are measuing growth in a bacterial culture. the number of viable cells remains constant, and when stationary phase
of the 5 major elements required for micoorganisms to grow, which one is incorporated into proteins, enzymes, and nucleic acids? nitrogen
the growth rate depends upon: the quality of nutrients you add to the medium.
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