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AQA c1b/a

Stack #71286

Key worddescription
Alloy A substance made by or conbining two or more metals
Biodiesel Diesel fuel made from plant materials
Cement A building material made from limestone and clay mixed with water
Compound A substance made from two or more types of atom
Concrete A building material made from sand, cement and crushded rock mixed with water
Convection currents the flow of a due to differences in temperature.(how tectonic plates move.
Core the central part of earth below the mantle
Cracking Breaking a molecule apart using heat
Crust the outermost layer of the earth
E-Number A number given to a food additive in order to identify it.
Element A substance made up of only one type of atom
Emulsifier A substance which stops the two liquids in an emulsion separating
Emulsion A mixture of tiny droplets of one liquid into another liquid
Food additive A substance added to food to improve its flavour, texture or shelf life
Fractional Distillation A way of separatinga mixture of substances according to their differeent boiling points
Fossil fuel Coal, oil or gas or any other fuel formed long ago from the fossilised remains of dead plants or creatures
Gasohol A mixture of petrol (gasoline) and ethanol
Haematite An ore containing iron combined with oxygen
Hydrocarbon A compound containing only carbon and hydrogen
Mantle The layer of the earth between the crust and the core.
Monomer A molecule that can combine with other, similar, molecules to form a polymer
Mortar Mixture of sand, cement and water used to hold building materials together
Ore Rocks that contain enough metal to make it economical to extact the metal
Polymer A substance consisting of very large molecules made of smaller identical molecules called monomers
Quick lime Heated lime stone
Saturated A hydrocarbon which contains as many hydrogen atoms as possible in each molecule
Slag the waste produced when iron is made in a blast furnace(always goes on top)
Tectonic plates Huge sections of the earths crust and upper mantle
Thermal decomposition splitting a substance using heat
Unsaturated A hydrocarbon which cointains a carbon-carbon double bond
Created by: Niall1