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Greek WordsLesson 6

Greek Words Lesson 6

CHIROMANCY art of telling fortunes by inspecting the hand
HYPODERMIC medicine used by injection directly under the skin
PLASTIC capable of being molded into a desired form
DERMATITIS inflammation of the skin
DACTYLOLOGY study of finger rings or engraved gems
MONOTONE having but a single tone
PACHYDERM thick-skinned (as an elephant)
CHIROGRAPHY handwriting
POLYGLOT speaking several languages
TAUTOLOGY unnecessary repetition (redundancy)
CEPHALOPOD class of mollusks with head and tentacles (arms) taking the place of a foot
LOGOMACHY war about mere words
OSTEOTOMY the operation of dividing a bone as to remedy deformity
ATOM smallest particle (indivisible)
Created by: taytayhster