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pre-chapt 25


fera wild beast
patria country
porta gate
sella chair
annus year
capillus hair
diI* gods (pl)
gladuis sword
nummus cion
nullo modo in no way
somnus sleep
arma weapons
aurum gold
ornamentum piece of jewelry
promissum promise
responsum answer
adulenscens young man
amor love
virgo maiden
caput head
corpus body
exercitus army
portus port
albus white
ater black, dark
certus certain
durus hard
idem the same
medius middle
miser miserable, sad
mortuus dead
novus new
optimus best
verus true
vivus alive
brevis-e short
facilis-e easy
frequens frequent
turpis-e awful
tot so many
huius OF this
amare to love
appellare to call
arbitrari to think
dubitare to doubt
excitare to awaken, stir up
expugnare to capture, take over
laetari to be happy
monstrare to show, to point out
narrare to tell
navigare to sail
oppugnare to attack
ornare to decorate, to adorn
postulare to demand
putare to think
servare to save
deridere to mock
habere to have
iubere to order
tenere to hold
accedere to go forward
ascendere to climb
bibere to drink
cernere to see, to discern
credere to believe
currere to run
dividere to divide
ducere to lead
edere to eat
gerere to wear
intellegere to understand
mittere to send
perfere to continue
petere to seek, to head for
proficisci to leave, to set out
quaerere to hunt, to seek
reddere to give back
relinquere to leave behind
reverti to return, to go back
sequi to follow
vehere to carry
vivere to live, to be alive
aspicere (3i) to look at
conspicere (3i) to catch sight of
cupere (3i) to desire
lacere (3i) to throw
convenire to fit, to be fitting
opperiri to wait for
reperire to find
adire to go to
exire to go out
fieri to become
ferre to carry, to bear
redire to go back
vis you want
an or
circum around
continuo immediately
contra against
deinde then, next
ecce lookie here
etsi although
ibi there
illinc from there
in + acc inTO
inter between
interea meanwhile
itaque therefore, and so
magis more
mane in the morning
neque...neque neither, nor
nimis too
nuper recently
per se by itelf
postea later
primum first
procul far away
profecto certainly
qua de causa why?
quamquam although
rursus again
saepe often
semel one time
sic thus
sicut just like
tunc then
una (cum) together with
unde from where
Created by: merlineacademy