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fabula story (fable)
agnus lamb
vorare to gobble up, devour
currus (+ P and G) chariot (currU*s, M)
trahere (+ 2 perfect inf.) to pull or drag [traxisse, tractum esse] (tractor)
regere to rule, control
necare to kill
murus wall (mural)
aedificare to build (edifice means building)
humilis-e low (humiliate)
vero (always 2nd in sentence) but, however
monstrum monster (monstrosity)
talis-e such a, like that
timidus-a-um timid, scaredy-cat
2 infinitives of trahere traxisse, tractum esse
olim once upon a time
terribilis-e terrible, scary
taurus bull
labyrinthus labrinth, maze
patE*re to lie open (patently)
aedificium building (edifice)
Atheniensis-e Athenian
Athenae (PL town) Athens (always 1st declension plural)
illuc there, TO that place
mors (P and G) death; mortE*s, F (mortal)
expugnatio (P & G) take-over, capture; expugnationE*s, F
rex (P&G) king, rules; regE*s, M
cupidus-a-um (+ what case) desirous/fond of + Gen.
patriae amans patriotic
gloria glory
constituere (+ 2 perf. inf.) to decide [CONSTITUisse, CONSTITUTum esse] (constitution)
velum sail
ornatus-a-um decorated, adorned (ornate)
conscendere (+ perfect active inf) to climb aboard (CONSCENDisse)
how to say FROM, TO and IN Athens (or any plural town) from=abl to=acc in=abl
inf stems of constituere CONSTITUisse, CONSTITUTum esse
inf stems of iubere IUSSisse, IUSSum esse
perfect active stem of (con)scendere CONSCENDisse
perfect passive stem and meaning of proficisci PROFECTum esse; to set out
adamare to fall in love with
auxilium aid, help (auxillary)
occidere (+ 2 perf. inf) to kill (OCCIDisse, OCCISum esse)
civis (P&G) citizen (cives, M)
paratus-a-um + ad ready, prepared FOR
saevus-a-um cruel, savage
exitus (P&G) exit, way out (U*s, M, 4th declension)
filum string
hU*c here, to here
brevi soon, shortly
polliceri to promise
mora delay, hesitation (moratorium)
(con)spicere to look at; -SPEXisse, -SPECTUM esse
(ac)cedere CESSisse; to go to, come to, come near, draw near, approach
occidere to kill; OCCIDisse, OCCISum
dare to give; DEDisse, DATum esse
petere to seek; PETIVisse, PETITum esse
reperire to find; REPPERisse, REPERTum esse
narratio (P&G) story, telling; narrationes, F
ending -undum (verb)ing
navem solvere to set sail
litus (P&G) shore, beach; litora, N
saxum rock, cliff
prospicere (what cojugation?) to look forth/out; 3i
conspectus (P&G) sight, view conspectU*s, M
descendere to descend, climb down
maerE*re to mourn, to grieve
sequi (+ perfect passive inf.) to follow; SECUTum esse
relinquere (infinitives) to leave behind; RELIQUisse, RELICTum esse
quaerere (+ infinitives) to seek; QUAESIVisse, QUAESITum esse
reddere (+infinitives) to return, to give back; REDDIDisse, REDDITum esse
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