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Southmoore-Green Book Unit I F

consilium consilii plan, council N.
poena poenae penalty, punishment F.
sententia sententiae thought, feeling, sentence F.
vox vocis voice F.
tardus, a, um X late
accedo, accedere accesi, accessurus to approach
adsum, adesse adfui, adfuturus to be present
claudo, claudere clausi, clausus to close
debeo, debere debui, debitus to owe, ought
dimitto, dimittere dimisi, dimissus to let go, send away
exspecto, exspectare exspectavi, exspectatus to wait for
interficio, interficere interfeci, interfectus to kill
nuntio, nuntiare nuntiavi, nuntiatus to announce
opprimo, opprimere oppressi, oppressus to overwhelm, oppress
premo, premere pressi, pressus to press down
probo, probare probavi, probatus to test, try, prove, approve
puto, putare putavi, putatus to think, suppose
sentio, sentire sensi, sensus to feel, think, sense
voco, vocare vocavi, vocatus to call
cras X tomorrow
heri X yesterday
hodie X today
maximus, a, um X greatest
minimus, a, um X least
optimus, a, um X best
pessimus, a, um X worst
plurimus, a, um X most
proximus, a, um X closest
similis, simile X like
summus, a, um X tallest
ultimus, a, um X last, farthest
dissimilis, dissimile X unlike
casus casus misfortune, downfall M
dies diei day M
auxilium auxilii aid, help N.
Created by: southmoore